You shouldn't exist / And you?

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You shouldn't exist

You don’t exist.
At least, logically you shouldn’t exist.
But neither should I.
And when I stop to think of it
neither should any of my closest friends.
So ... who knows.
Maybe we’ll get along pretty well.


At some level, truth is everywhere if you look hard enough.
That’s why (or at least one of the reasons) Tarot cards work, or the runes, or science:
they're lenses that (if you’re careful) let you discover at least some of a truth.
The lenses aren’t perfect – use them wrong and you get nonsense
or (worse) something that’s almost right but subtly wrong.
But conversely, it also means that there’s truth in everything
so you can look for it anywhere, not just where the light is good.

So it makes sense to look for the truth, the secret, the McGuffin ... in the way that I'll enjoy it the most.

Worshipping women as I do – I’d even say “adoring” but there are troublesome connotations there for some –
it’s no wonder that I tend to want to explore truths with them.
Fascinated by competence and power, of course I surround myself with amazing, strong, women.
Loving to flirt as I do, who is surprised that I’d tend to want to surround myself with
intelligent, intense women who are not only tolerant of my interests and pleasures
but often actively enjoy sharing, being involved in, and encouraging them?

I’m in a movie now.
I’m in the movie.
I’m making my own movie.
I’m making my own happiness.

And you?

Executive by day,
occasional club chick by night.
Diverse interests include
trance music,
changing the world,
and having fun.
I'm independent,
sane, amusing, mildly responsible
and what some would call free-spirited.
I live by my own rules and it works for me.
My life is full and wonderful -- and it seems to steadily get better.

And you?