What would you ask Catharine MacKinnon?

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[Catharine MacKinnon] is giving a visiting lecture at Microsoft Research on Tuesday, May 31; there's usually time for Q&A afterwards. What would you ask her -- and why?

Personally, I'm particularly interested in getting her perspectives on changing what I'd characterize as "testosterone-based cultures": overly-aggressive, anti-collaborative, focused on domination instead of win-win situations, etc. There are several reasons I like this area: it's forward-looking; it's relevant in several different areas of my life; and her (and others') work in helping move society to an understanding that sexual abuse and harrassment are human rights issues relates very much to this overall problem.

Obviously, there are a host of other potential topics, such as her views related to pornography and the first amendment. [I'm not sure what new I'd learn there, though; if her position has evolved over time, I suspect she'll cover it in her talk -- and I suspect that others will ask questions related to this anyhow.]