Weird like us

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This book makes some excellent points about how "underground values" have permeated everyday life in the U.S. far more thoroughly than we acknowledge -- including for many people who don't identify as underground or bohemian (the first chapter on non-traditional living was particularly strong).

While I don't completely agree with Powers' thesis that "bohemia is alive and well", I think those who criticize the book because her arguments aren't always rigorous are missing the point: it's a collection of interlinked stories, hers and others, with some analysis ... and that's valuable in many ways. I saw mirrors and fragments of myself and my friends here; I got some better understanding; I relized that what matters to me might also matter to a lot of other people if it could be explained well ... plus it was a good read.

Particularly relevant if you're thinking about turning pro.

Pills, thrills, chills, and heartache is a good companion piece.