The union of bliss and emptiness

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“By means of penetrating the vital points of the external and internal body, bodhicitta melts. From that… you generate a special blissful feeling concordant with physical awareness. [Then] a mental awareness is generated possessing the nature of excellent bliss. And when that mental awareness recalls the meaning of reality that was previously ascertained, it becomes the union of bliss and emptiness.”

– Je Rinpoche, 'Illuminating Lamp', quoted in Kirti Tsenshap Rinpoche’s Principles of Buddhist Tantra

As the bodhicitta melts it first generates the four descending joys: joy, supreme joy, special joy, and innate joy. Next come the four ascending joys, which are said to be “far superior.” Oooh!

Originally written | July 10, 2011]; links added July 17.