The limits of analysis

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As we talked, she asked me a question: "Do you ever find that you analyze things too much?"

"Yeah, maybe," I responded. "Sometimes. Not sure."

We parted. And then ...

Until late
Asking myself
What she meant?
Why did she ask me?
How much is 'too much'?
Was this just an idle question?
Why am I thinking so much about this?
Is there some kind of a message here for me?

The next day, I ran into her and said, "Remember that question you asked me? I couldn't sleep all night repeatedly analyzing and re-analyzing the question and why you asked it ..."

"Oh," she replied sweetly, "you're such a flatterer. And did you reach any conclusions?"

"Still not sure. I'll need to think about it some more."

She smiled. "You do that."