The anomaly at the atrium

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An early (June 2011) version of what turned into DJ Anomaly at the Atrium.


<center>Unexpected sun

Unexpected sun.
Reflecting on what matters.
A walk in the woods.

(march 2006)

The words of each line of the first stanza Many truths many paths started out in October 2007 as being almost completely from the links of Many paths many truths; both poems continue to evolve, so it's a steadily-more-imperfect match (as opposed to the two stanzas of Many truths many paths and The Asymptote of Desire/Desiring the asymptote, which are intended to stay in sync).

See also: the Seducersworld thread Many paths, many truths (resurrected)

July 2011: In the last line, I changed "seduction" to "attraction". "Seduction" has inescapable overtones of sexuality and deception, exemplified in Robert Greene's 'Art of Seduction', and "attraction" is a much more positive term. And luckily for me they have thee same number of syllables.

September 2011: I went back to "seduction". It's a great word, and worth reclaiming :)

The journey

There are many paths,
To the many destinations
In the space of desire.

Many patterns,
Many lenses
For the patterns
And paths
And destinations.

And goddesses
For company
As we journey down the paths

April - November, 2007, originally from Space of desire

liquid glitter (2011 remix)

bubbling in my ears
tingling on my tongue
swirling through my mind
somewhere between fantasy and reality
thinking of you
dreaming of you
both at the same time
dreaming that you're dreaming of me
thinking what a wonderful dream that is

(for Genesis, march 2006)

What is blue?

The invisible becoming visible
Freedom from dimensions
Transparency and transformation
Unlimited possibilities



Deviating from the norm or from expectations,
Strange and difficult to identify or classify,
Difficult to explain using existing theory.

Many theories, societies, and people
Have a hard time dealing with anomalies,</br> Preferring those who fit existing norms or expectations

Others (like me!) find anomalies fascinating
Transcending the limits of current theories</br> What's that anomaly up to?

Triggering Nights (2011 remix)

Listening to music
Triggering memories of nights
In New York, London, LA, Seattle, SF.
At darkwave clubs, lightships, barnevald, dna,
Santa Cruz, the Mojave, the Sierras.

And dancing with
A woman who looks like
She's sharing the journey.

April, 2007, from Space of desire

Midnight (2011 remix)

At midnight
In a club,
Or a party
At home

And imagining
And memories

As we dance together,
Across the room,
Farther away,
Almost touching.

On a journey
By candlelight
With goddesses
And you ...

( Original version 2007, from Space of desire, revised May 2011 for The anomaly at the atrium)

Originally written June 4, 2011.

Revised November 27 2011.

Desiring the asymptote

Imagine this: taking my hand...
Journeying with many Muses ...
Solitude with the elements.

Serenity, in the space of desire.
Midnight. A kiss.

Seduction is melting together.
Seduction is sweet dreams.

(for D, October 31, 2007,
originally from Meditations on desire)

Like perfection

Thinking about midnight,
Dreaming about you,
In the space of desire.

Dreaming about redefinitions,
Thinking about elements,
Goddesses in my sweet dreams.

Many paths many truths reflecting,
Many truths many paths crystallizing.

Seduction is ecstatically transforming.
The journey, like perfection

(October 2007/April 2008)

Sometimes / Every moment

Sometimes I realize
I've been there all along.
Sometimes I discover I'm there.
Sometimes I drift there more slowly ...

Infinite depth
Infinitely reflected
Transformed ...

April, 2007, from Space of desire

June 2011


Solitude (2011 remix)

Sacred space

I look at the candles
And experience you
Magic illumination
In my mind
Throughout my being

I remember
The moments we've spent together
Grounded and sacred
Seduction, fantasy, reality
And you

And then I realize
I'm thinking too much
Calm my mind
Watch the candles
And experience you


-- December 15, 2006; remixed June 4, September 24, and December 17 2011

Friends old and new

Relaxing spring sun,
Enjoying sweet memories
Of friends old and new

to the many magical friends in my life, March 2010