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The New Moralizer from December 2005 features Professional at his most Brutish and ignorant, revealing his lack of understanding of the subject he wrote his thesis in, disparaging me for my support for human rights, and much more. It really was pretty nasty.

Elsewhere around this time, Professional dropped a hint that he was reading people's email (although backed off when I challenged him on it) and after Doc suspended him for other bad behavior accused Doc and Robert of being under my influence; off-board, Professional (or somebody using his email account and IP address) sent malware to other Seducersworld members. A lot of people asked for Professional to be kicked off the board; I supported his free speech rights until I saw what I viewed as persuasive evidence that he was attempting to blackmail several different people on the board, at which point I added my voice to theirs. Rumor has it that he was eventually banned sometime in 2007 although many believe that he quickly showed back up under another profile.

Despite which this was a very positive thread, with lots of good insights. It was the first time I had tried to articulate my values and belief in the importance of acting in accordance with them so publically; with the linked threads, it was an interesting experiment in using multi-thread techniques to neutralize a bully in an environment where the authorities are unlikely to act and many people are too intimidated to speak up.

There was a lovely coda a few months later discussing my communication style here with some very helpful advice from one of The women of Seducersworld. That thread is no longer available on ezBoard; I'm not sure why.