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Cups are flowing, emotional, complex, and inuitive. They deal with love, relationships, and family, both happiness and sadness as deep feelings, and imaginations. Their primary Major Arcana card, the High Priestess, reveals water as deep, quiet, mysterious, with more below the surface than people are likely to recognize.

If the court cards are people, who are they? Modern readers often look at them as aspects of the querent.... Tarotis and author Mary Greer says they always represent an aspect of the querent, even when they also indicate another person.

Centre (inner person or 'being'): Judgement, reversed: Denial, fear, or doubt. We still hear the trumpet call within us, summoning us to embrace a new existence, but we don't trust it. Sometimes Judgment reversed can warn us of getting stuck in something because we fail to hear "that which sounds within us".

Crossing (how person acts or 'doing'): Seven of cups: Great emotion, someone who loves powerfully, who might be driven as much by imagination and fantasies as by actual circumstances. Someone who enjoys the fantasy of love, in love with being in love.

Basis: Three of cups: Overflowing emotions, deep bonds between friends or family. Friendship and celebration, not necessarily romance.

Influence passing away: Ace of cups: Pure water energy, love, creative flow, spiritual healing, possible new relationship. Emotional and spiritual nourishment.

Possible Outcome: Magician: Consciousness, will, and transformative and/or creative power. Magic is present in our lives, and we have the ability to bring about a magical change. A shift in life to greater power and creativity. It is a very auspicious card for an artist or writer or performer, for it symbolizes creativity itself.

Near Future: Queen of Swords reversed: A powerful mind and personality turned more towards manipulation and control. A happier interpretation would be leaving a high, lonely place and becoming more involved in life.

Self (what the person is contributing to the situation): Queen of Cups: Intensity, dedication, love, someone who blends feeling with action, a creative artist or creativity itself. Love, both romantic and love of family. Healing and a sense of protection in some difficult situations.

Environment (influence of others): King of Cups Reversed: The upside-down King can indicate the emotions coming out more, with anger or tears revealing long-hidden feelings. There may be blocked creativity or frustration.

Hopes and Fears: Four of Wands Reversed: Unreversed, this card means simple structures, life-energy defined and given shape. People celebrating together. An outpouring of excitement and energy. Reversed the meaning is similar but perhaps less so, with clouds over the joyous party. Our enthusiasm might overwhelm our attempts to contain and direct it.

Outcome: Page of Wands Reversed: Uncertainty, hesitancy, caution.

Unreversed interpreations

Centre (inner person or 'being'): Judgement: Change has already happened, and the challenge is to acknowledge it. Our existence goes beyond balance, beyond a zero-sum game, to a dynamic belief in liberation, and more, that all existence is something to embrace. And maybe the card addresses a waking up of consciousness. When we awaken, we fully claim our true will.

Near Future: Queen of Swords: Commitment to truth, both in thought and speech. You may not always like what she says but you know she will not lie to you. Some people see her as the image of the intellectual or the writer.

Environment (influence of others): King of Cups: Someone successful, perhaps with deep emotions or creative impulses he tends to hide. Perhaps a card of achievement in the arts. Alchemical power to transform or channel emotional energy.

Hopes and Fears: Four of Wands: Simple structures, life-energy defined and given shape. People celebrating together. An outpouring of excitement and energy.

Outcome: Page of Wands: Freshness, enthusiasm, a willingness to begin something. Exciting news. Alternatively, noble and selfless. Something real that comes out of fiery energy.

"Sometimes we may do further readings to get information about a specific card in the first reading. In this situation some readers will use the card in question as the Significator for the new reading. Just as the original Significator helped the person to concentrate on him or herself, so the new card helps the person focus on the particular question"

Second reading

Centre (inner person or 'being'): Justice: Self-examination, a time to weigh things in the balance as you asses your life. You might face a moral choice of some kind and need to examine your motives. Be careful of blaming others, or -- the other extreme -- of believing that everything is your fault. Balance the scales. Another kind of balance -- awareness and actions.

Justice sees clearly, with all blindfolds of prejudice, conditioning, indoctrination, and fear removed. The scales are balanced for harmony and unification of the physical and the spiritual, awareness of a sacred dimension of existence that the Tarot teaches can emerge in each one of us. Along with justice in the world, we must pursue spiritual justice. This includes self-awareness, a deep honest look at who we are and what we have done or not done, whether we've stayed true to our nature or betrayed our innermost being. Coming in the middle of the Major Arcana, Justice forms the midpoint of our lives, no matter when we might experience it. In Justice, we balance the past and the future. Through self-examination, any amends we need to make with others, forgiveness of those who have hurt us, and forgiveness of our own mistakes, we free ourselves from the past and create a genuine future.

Crossing (how person acts or 'doing'): Knight of Swords: Courage, swiftness, daring. The intellect at a pure level, ideas and principles. A swift mind, brilliant. Dwelling in the high places of the mind, moving swiftly as only air can, quick-thinking, lofty. Whoever takes up this sword needs to make sure he or she fights for justice.

Basis: Ace of Swords Reversed: Confusion, difficulty thinking clearly, possibly a danger of aggression or manipulation.

Influence passing away: Ten of Pentacles Reversed: Sacrificing security for adventure or a new experience. A potential that is not quite realized.

Possible Outcome: Four of Swords: Varied possibilities, maybe even more than usual. Rest, withdrawal, peacefulness. Logical, structured thinking. Healing, and maybe the need to respond to somebody who is suffering. Mercy and generosity replacing anger. Allowing what we want to come to us instead of chasing after it.

Near Future: Five of Cups: Possible loss, sadness, but maybe any change in feelings. Neither happiness nor sadness is permanent. Lessons learned and greater consciousness coming from emotional experience.

Self (what the person is contributing to the situation): Six of Wands: Passion, romantic, or shared enthusiasm. Situations that are exciting and harmonious at the same time. Confidence and optimism, the ability to inspire others.

Environment (influence of others): Six of Swords Reversed: Speaking up. Disrupting some longstanding situation Conflict of ideas. Arguments.

Hopes and Fears: Hanged Man. A fundamental meaning of the Hanged Man is to seem, at least, upside down, the wrong way around. To give others the irresistible urge to turn us around so that we look and think and act like everyone else. We can understand this in terms of social conformity. But there are deeper meanings. The Hanged Man's entire viewpoint, his perception of reality, may vary 180 degrees from those around him. The more you can hold on to your truth and not worry about other people's beliefs about them, the more you will discover the Hanged Man's serene detachment. I see it as joyous although self contained, perhapss misunderstood by other people. The querent who receives the Hanged Man may be an outsider, or with different attitudes than other people, with no need to seek others' approval.

Outcome: Ace of Wands Reversed: Hesitation, setbacks, doubt. It simply may not be the time to begin something new.

Unreversed interpretations

Basis: Ace of Swords: Clear thought, spiritual truth, singleness of mind and purpose. We may be called on to speak or act with justice.

Influence passing away: Ten of Pentacles: Wealth, comfort, security, but also the enjoyment of these things, the realization of the beauty of life. The choice of security over risk.

Environment (influence of others): Six of Swords: Possibly a literal journey. More often, carrying a promise or secret with you. Keeping silent rather than exposing something. Shared ideas. Holding different beliefs at the same time.

Outcome: Ace of Wands: Energy, life, health, courage, forcefulness, simplicity, the very beginning of something exciting, enthusiasm.

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