Summer solstice, 2013, 78 Degrees Interpretations

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Centre (inner person or 'being'): Judgement, reversed: Whatever else is going on around you, there is a push, a call from within to make some important change. The change can refer to something mundane and immediate, or to an entire shift in the way a person looks at life -- depending on the other cards, and the subject of the reading. The important thing is the call. In effect, the person has already changed; the old situations, the old self, have already died. It is simply a matter of recognizing it. Judgement reversed can indicate that the person wishes to answer the call but does not know what to do. More often it shows somebody trying to deny the call. There may be all kinds of reasons for not answering the call; Judgment (right side up or reversed) shows that the objections are excuses, and Judgment reversed shows the excuses become dominant. The reality of life has changed. The only choice is to follow.

Crossing (how person acts or 'doing'): Seven of cups: Emotion and imagination can produce wonderful visions, but without a grounding in both action and the outer realities of life, the fantastic images remain daydreams.

Basis: Three of cups: joy, celebration, and above all sharing the wonder of life. The card flows with happiness and celebration. Either a crisis has finished, or work has produced good results. We see the three women (or two women and a transvestite!) so intertwined we can hardly tell whose arm is whose -- a sharing of experience.

Influence passing away: Ace of cups: love underpinning life, a time of happiness and love, a gift of joy. Just as fire makes the world, so love gives it value. Love, and ultimately life, cannot be seized, but only accepted.

Possible Outcome: Magician: consciousness, action, creation, manifestation. An awareness of power in your life; beginnings; the inspiration to begin some new project or phase of life, and and the excitement that sustains you through the hard work to reach the goal. Will-power, the will unified and directed towards goals, channeling energy in a specific direction. Raising a magic wand to bring into reality the spirit force, the energy of life in its most creative terms. He holds the wand carefully, aware of the psychic power the Fool carried so lightly on his shoulder.

Near Future: Queen of Swords reversed: an overemphasis on sorrow, someone who makes life seem much worse than it is by ignoring good things around her. A strong mind turned nasty, especially as a reaction to pain or pressure form unpleasant situations or people.

Self (what the person is contributing to the situation): Queen of Cups: Joining consciousness to feeling she knows what she wants and will take the steps necessary to get it. Yet she acts always with an awareness of love. Only love can give meaning to her actions and realize her goals - making something whole and alive out of the opportunities given by life. A vision of life as joyful can only come as a gift, but love can open us to receiving such a gift, to recognizing that it exists. Willpower alone will not unite imagination and action. With intelligence joined to love we return the gift by taking that vision and making something real and lasting from it.

Environment (influence of others): King of Cups Reversed: When right side up, he uses his creativity for his work; reversed, he turns his talents into vice or corruption.

Hopes and Fears: Four of Wands Reversed: if unreversed, a domestic environment filled with optimism, eagerness, and celebration. Waite calls this card unchanged upside down: the joy is so powerful it cannot be blocked. We can add, however, that the reversed four might indicate (like the Sun) that the happiness in the environment is not so easily visible; or that the happiness is unorthodox, at least in terms of other people's attitudes and expectations.

Outcome: Page of Wands Reversed: The page is not thrown wildly by problems, but instead becomes confused and indecisive. His eagerness to start is disrupted by complexities and opposition, leaving him afraid or unable to declare himself. When indecisive he can become unstable and weak. Either get away from complexity or develop the maturity to deal with it. Continued indecision can only lead to the resolve and self-confidence degenerating further.

Unreversed interpreations

Centre (inner person or 'being'): Judgement: We have all forgotten our true identities and become separated from our 'parents'. And when we find or create our true selves, we will find ourselves at the centre of the universe. For the centre is everywhere.

Near Future: Queen of Swords: Experiences of both sorrow and wisdom, and especially the connection between them. Having experienced pain, and aving faced it with courage, acceptance, and honesty, she has found wisdom.

Environment (influence of others): King of Cups: Cups symbolize the creative imagination, and ot achieve success he has had to discipline and even suppress his dreams. Some commentators see the King as a person of troubled emotions, even anger and violence, who habitually suppresses these feelings even from himself, always maintaining a calm exterior. In some contexts, especially the arti, the King takes on a very different meaning. Because he is leader of his suit, he can symbolize success, achievement, mastery, and maturity in artistic work.

Hopes and Fears: Four of Wands: The card represents a domestic environment filled with Fire optimism, eagerness, and celebration. The irrepressible Wands energy ... will not be contained, and so we see people marching out ecstatically to the simplest of structures, trusting to the sun to burn off any clouds of trouble. Their spirit and courage carry them from a defensive situation to an open one. Optimisim and love of freedom carry the people, together, out of their walled city before it becomes a Tower-like prison.

Outcome: Page of Wands: A moment when a person experiences some aspect of life just for itself, free of external pressures. The start of projects, and in particular an announcement to the world, and to ourselves, that we are ready to begin either a 'project' or a new phase of life. On a simpler level the Page can represent a messenger, message, or information. In emotional situations the Page's implies a faithful friend or lover.

"Sometimes we may do further readings to get information about a specific card in the first reading. In this situation some readers will use the card in question as the Significator for the new reading. Just as the original Significator helped the person to concentrate on him or herself, so the new card helps the person focus on the particular question"

Second reading

Centre (inner person or 'being'): Justice: Events have worked out in the way they were 'meant' to work out: what is happening comes from situations and decisions in the past. Absolute honesty in seeing the truth of the situation. At the same time it shows the possibility that your actions in the future can be changed by a lesson learned in the present situation.

Crossing (how person acts or 'doing'): Knight of Swords: The Knight rides directly into the storm, waving a sword in eagerness to overcome all difficulties. Brave, skillful, strong, the Knight recognizes no limits, expecting enemies and life's problems to full under his charge and cannot so easily handle a situation that requires long, steady, plodding. Bravery, skill, readiness to charge all problems, can sometimes contain a fear of losing innocence, that strong belief in oneself -- when one knows inside that he or she has yet to face and overcome life's greatest difficulties.

Basis: Ace of Swords Reversed: the grip fails, bringing illusion, confused ideas and feelings, overpowering emotions. Without a clear sense of reality, the mind can fall prey to mistakes created by emotion. Problems become exaggerated, everything (including attractions) appears to be more important than it actually is. In such situations, the Ace of Swords reversed tells us to take hold of ourselves and try to find a balanced sense of reality.

Influence passing away: Ten of Pentacles Reversed. If the sense of boredom with life increases it can lead to taking risks. Sometimes, depending on the context or the projected results, the risks are justified. At other times the risks come less from need than from the impatience with what we already have.

Possible Outcome: Four of Swords: Fours relate to stabilization, not death but withdrawal. People sometimes respond to difficulties by isolating themselves and flattening themselves emotionally. Withdrawal, however, can also lead to healing if the purpose is not to hide but to gain strength.

Near Future: Five of Cups: Emotional reaction to loss: sorrow but also acceptance. Accept that some happiness has suddenly vanished, been noticed over; realize that something remains by first understanding and accepting the loss. Has she herself knocked over the ups, either through recklessness or taking them for granted? In the sense of awareness, this card relates to Justice, emblem of truth and acceptance of responsibility. The river represents the flow of sorrow but the bridge symbolizes consciousness and determination. When she has accepted their loss, she can then turn, pick up the two remaining cups, and cross the bridge to the house, symbol of stability and continuity.

Self (what the person is contributing to the situation): Six of Wands: A turning point. Assume victory; optimism produces the very success it desires and expects. Often it requires only a true belief in ourselves to find the energy to accomplish what w want. Such belief will inspire others to folllow us.

Environment (influence of others): Six of Swords Reversed: A stormy journey, either physically or spiritually. When we try to attack some longstanding problem, especially one accepted by everyone else, we agitate the situation. In another way, the Six reversed can show communication. If the swords symbolize unhappy memories and the silence is a defense, then communication can be painful. It can also begin healing.

Hopes and Fears: Hanged Man. Peace and acceptance. Independence; being who you are, even if others think you have everything backwards. The feeling of being deeply connected to life, and can mean a peace that comes after some difficult trial. After the crisis of seeing what you have made of your life comes the peace of acceptance; after Justice, the Hanged Man. This card represents the Magician in the sense that the power drawn down by the want has now entered the Hanged Man - the experience of really feeling the sporty force within life is one of great power and excitement in the midst of complete calm.

Outcome: Ace of Wands Reversed: Clouded joy: wonder and happiness exist even when we cannot - or will not -- see them in front of us. Alternatively, chaos, things falling apart, either because it just happened that way or because we have ruined them through too much undirected energy. This can happen on a practical level through too much activity, too many new starts without considering past gains; or emotionally through being overconfident of friendship or overbearing.

Unreversed interpretations

Basis: Ace of Swords. Pointing straight up for true perception, the sword pierces the crown of the material world. Wisdom leads us beyond illusions and limitations to the spiritual truth contained within life. However, intellect alone, divorced from intuition, will only lead to more illusion. We need love to find the truth; intellect can take us beyond immediate experience. Notice the tight grip. The emotions, too, are a gift, enabling us to experience life intensely, but they always remain hard to hold, and harder still to direct.

Influence passing away: Ten of Pentacles. The Gate, opening to hidden experience in ordinary things. On the surface, the card represents the established home, the good life, a secure and comfortable position in the world. Though the card expresses mundaneness, magic signs cover it. The ten pentacles form the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. A magic wand rests aganst the arch. The balanced scales on the arch stand for Justice, and further for subtle forces that keep the world from breaking into chaos. The everyday world contains a magic greater than any of us can actually see. The magic is all around us, in nature, in the very fact that life exists and that this vast universe does not fly apart. By merging with this card we can find ourselves beyond the Gate, looking in at the dramas of our own little lives. By going further with it we can experience the wild vibrant universe existing in the very centre of the ordinary.

Environment (influence of others): Six of Swords: A quiet passage through a difficult time. Waite says, "The freight is light"; and Eden Gray writes 'The swords do not weigh down the boat'. Though we carry our troubles with us we have adapted to them; they will not sing us or bear us down. On a simple level it means functioning in some difficult situation without attacking to the problems. It can refer to an immediate problem or a situation that has gone on for years. Looking deeper we see the image of a long sorrow which a person has felt for so long that it no longer gives pain, but has become a part of life. The Six of Swords is a Gate. Looking at it with sensitivity and then entering the picture will produce first a quieting effect on the mind and then later, slowly, a sense of movement within the self.

Outcome: Ace of Wands: A gift of strength, of power, of great sexual energy, of the love of living. At the beginning of some situation,m no card could signal a better start. It gives eagerness and strength. At the same time, the card teaches humility, for it reminds us we have done nothing morally to deserve the optimism and greater energy that sometimes allows us to overwhelm other people.

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