Summer solstice, 2013, 78 Degrees Interpretations

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The question in my mind as I shuffled was "how do I create the kind of life I want?" I hesitated as I handed the cards to her, not sure which way to orient them....

Internally I hear the call, but am having a hard time responding to it; externally I have wonderful visions, but risk not grounding them in reality, There are some good reasons for this, plenty of "complexities and oppositions" (such as the Queen of Swords Reversed in my near future and the King of Cups Reversed in my environment). But if I let them block me the outcome leaves me at risk of continued confusion, indecision, and lack of confidence.

On the other hand there's a much more promising alternative: being the Magician, aware of the power in my life, "embodying consciousness, action, creation, and manifestation", channeling energy, inspired to begin some new project or phase of life -- and the excitement and will that sustains me through the hard work to reach the goal. That sounds a lot more promising! And it's something I've been working on for quite a while. From my journal in August 2004:

   Am I trying to be both the Fool and the Magician?  In fact, I’ve spent the last 10 years 
   learning to approximate the Magician in  an over-analytic kind of way …

Of course back in August 2004 I also wrote

   The analytical approaches I've taken in the past just aren't sufficient for me to understand 
   what's going on. 

but fortunately since then I have added a lot of less-analytical techniques. Several of show up in the reading as the Three of Cups, Ace of Cups, and Queen of Cups. More below about them below, as well as the happiness and joy that's "unorthodox, at least in terms of other people's attitudes and expectations" of the Four of Wands Reversed in my hopes and fears. For now let's assume for the sake of the argument that with the help of all these Cups I can manifest as the Magician.

What wound I do?

Well, one possible approach would be to unreverse Judgment and answer the call unreservedly -- in which case the Page of Wands would also unreverse itself with the "announcement, to the world and to ourselves, that we are willing to begin a new project of phase of life". That sounds eminently doable! Sounds like time for a blog post!

Next I would unreversing the Queeen of Swords and King of Cups, by which I mean two things: help the Queen of Swords Reversed and King of Cups Reversed unreverse themselves -- and spend time with their unreversed peers, the many Queens of Swords and Kings of Cups I know, as well. Once again, I can do that ... and in fact I have been! It doesn't even require any magic powers. Still. Can't hurt to reinforce it.

So one by one I picked up Judgment, the Queen of Swords, the King of Cups, and the Page of Wands and unreversed them, and put them back down.

"You get the cards you get for a reason," D said after we discussed it.

Now back to those less-analytical techniques, showing up throughout the reading. The Four of Wands Reversed in my hopes and fears made me think of my (and my friends') acceptance and pride of that my happiness is "unorthodox, at least in terms of other people's attitudes and expectations".

Many truths many paths

You shouldn't exist.
Seduction is a process.
Imagine this: Sweet dreams.

A change is coming.
A kiss. Midnight. Seduction.
I choose left. And you?

(October 12, 2007)

And then the Cups:

If Fire symbolizes the spirit fource giving live to theunivers, then Water signifies the love that allows the sould to receive that force.... The suit of Cups shows an inner experience that flows rather than defines, that opens rather than retracts. Cups represent love and imagination, joy and peace, a sense of harmony and wonder. They show us love as the Way to Spirit, both the love we give to others and the love we receive fro people and frome life itself in its happier moments.

Yay! More specifically?

  • at the heart of the matter, the three of Cups: three women -- or perhaps two women and a transvestite? -- flowing with happiness and celebration and sharing experiences
Melting together

Attraction, respect.
Relaxed, melting together.
Our shared work of art.

(december, 2005)

  • nine years of the Ace of Cups: love underpinning life, a time of happiness and love, a gift of joy. "Just as fire makes the world, so love gives it value. Love, and ultimately life, cannot be seized, but only accepted."

The words of each line of the first stanza Many truths many paths started out in October 2007 as being almost completely from the links of Many paths many truths; both poems continue to evolve, so it's a steadily-more-imperfect match (as opposed to the two stanzas of Many truths many paths and The Asymptote of Desire/Desiring the asymptote, which are intended to stay in sync).

See also: the Seducersworld thread Many paths, many truths (resurrected)

July 2011: In the last line, I changed "seduction" to "attraction". "Seduction" has inescapable overtones of sexuality and deception, exemplified in Robert Greene's 'Art of Seduction', and "attraction" is a much more positive term. And luckily for me they have thee same number of syllables.

September 2011: I went back to "seduction". It's a great word, and worth reclaiming :)

  • my contributions to the situation: the Queen of Cups. My emotional reaction to this is that she symbolizes all the amazing women I have gotten to know, the amazing friendships and connections I have with so many goddesses who are my companions on the journey I've been taking, and the contributions I've been making by helping them. Again this was something I wrote about back in August 2004 in A wonderful virtuous cycle:
Maybe one of the most important things going on here relates to increasing the number and power of strong, independent, passionate women in the world -- the world in general, and also D's and my world. Perhaps my main role is to assist in this in various ways (most obviously helping and enabling), both directly and indirectly by supporting D. This is a pretty wonderful virtuous cycle, at least from my perspective.

Fountains of light


(for the gemstones and elements that are the women of Seducersworld)
(March-October 2007)

It's certainly a big contribution and one I hope I continue to make. And perhaps the Queen of Cups also contains a suggestion about specific ways for me to contribute:

Joining consciousness to feeling, know what you wants and take the steps necessary to get it. Act always with an awareness of love. Only love can give meaning to your actions and realize your goals - making something whole and alive out of the opportunities given by life. A vision of life as joyful can only come as a gift, but love can open us to receiving such a gift, to recognizing that it exists. Willpower alone will not unite imagination and action. With intelligence joined to love we return the gift by taking that vision and making something real and lasting from it.
You shouldn't exist

You don’t exist.
At least, logically you shouldn’t exist.
But neither should I.
And when I stop to think of it
neither should any of my closest friends.
So ... who knows.
Maybe we’ll get along pretty well.

So yes, it certainly seems like a good time to manifest relatively more as the Magician and start working with the elements to transform reality. Still keeping my flouncy and Foolish sides, of course, but less of the scattered fores of the Seven of Cups and more of the Magician's focus, awareness of power in my life; beginnings; the inspiration to begin some new project or phase of life, and and the excitement that sustains you through the hard work to reach the goal. Sounds good to me!


Earth. Air. Water. Fire.
Every night, each morning,
We transform our world.

(February - November, 2007)

"Sometimes we may do further readings to get information about a specific card in the first reading. In this situation some readers will use the card in question as the Significator for the new reading. Just as the original Significator helped the person to concentrate on him or herself, so the new card helps the person focus on the particular question"
-- 78 Keys of Wisdom

I had independently (I think) suggested the same thing when D did the reading now after the solstice: additional exploration of me as the Magician. I didn't really hold a specific question in my mind, but my overall state of mind as I reshuffled the cards was something of a mix of "how can I be more Magician-esque?" and " what would it be like to be that way?" As usual there are some pretty strong themes:

  • Justice at the Center saying reminding me that this is a chance to look honestly at past and present and choose the future I want
  • the Ace of Swords Reversed at the basis telling me to "take hold of myself and try to find a balanced sense of reality"
  • sorrow plus acceptance in the Near Future with of the Five of Cups
  • the Hanged Man in my Hopes and Fears, peace and acceptance once again and also independence; being who I am ("even if others think I have everything backwards), the feeling of being deeply connected to life, a peace that comes after some difficult trial. "After the crisis of seeing what you have made of your life comes the peace of acceptance; after Justice, the Hanged Man."
  • there's again a noticeable contrast between the 'default outcome' of the Ace of Wands Reversed ("clouded joy" and things falling apart) ad the Possible Outcome of the Four of Swords: "withdrawal can lead to healing if the purpose is not to hide but to gain strength". My attitude and intent can have a big influence over which path I take.

Clouded hopes?

Clouded hopes? Focus!
Avoid negativity.
Stop fearing success.

And what do I bring to the situation? The Six of Wands:

  A turning point.  
  Assume victory.
  Optimism produces 
  The very success
  It desires and expects.  
  A true belief in ourselves 
  Helps us find the energy 
  To accomplish what we want. 


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