Stories as currency

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I saw a recent presentation by [Stan Slap] where he discussed the role of stories in organizations (he was focusing on corporations, but it applies more broadly as well).

This started me wondering about the about the role of stories as currency within the organization: they have value and can be traded. Some examples:

  1. A story that could really damage somebody or something if it got out; the value of the story somehow relates to the importance of the person or organization that could be damaged, the credibility of the story, and how widely known it is.
  2. A story that makes somebody or something look good.
  3. A "behind the scenes" hidden story giving a deeper ("real") explanation for a key event.
  4. A story that makes the listener feel good. The Henry Louis Gates at Microsoft story is a great example of this.
  5. A story that makes people laugh. As Reader's Digest reminds us, Laughter is the best medicine

Some interesting things to think about: