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A Declaration of the Independence of CyberspaceA change is coming
A fabulous soundtrackA gift for a goddessA kiss
A messageA modern answer to a postmodern questionA night out in the big city
A processA ring that looks like a presentA warm blue March sky
A wiki for public emailAct the way you want the world to be
Act the way you want your world to beAd Astra strategies
Adding a bookAji
All my friends tell me I need to resist peer pressure
AndAnd you're telling me this becauseAnd you?
Annotated threadlist from SeducersworldAnomalousAphrodite
Arboretum and ConservatoryArt is total freedomArt of Seduction
ArtemisAs long as I was honestAs usual she ordered
Aug 1, 2004: Tarot readingAwakening from sleepBall mill
Be the change you wish to seeBe willing now
Blue Moon 2004 Tarot Reading, 78 Keys interpretationBookBooks
Burn Night 2006, 78 Keys interpretationCan fantasy stand against hegemony?Cestus
Change is performativeClear lightClear skies
Clouded hopes?Confronting the dreamControl is an illusion
Coquettish imagesCreate yourself as a work of artCreating change
Crusher-Jaw Crusher-Impact CrusherCulture of abundance
DJ Anomaly at the AtriumDarkness and shadowDefinitional struggles
DefinitionsDesire not hateDesiring the asymptote
Dialogs for the 21st centuryDionysusDo you analyze things too much
Don't dream it ... be itElementsEris and the anomaly
Everyone knows: fun rulesEwrejkuiuu world of warcraft Power levelingExcerpts and commentary
Fabulous principlesFallFall Equinox 2012: Tarot reading
Fall Equinox 2012 additional notesFantasies of sensual enchantmentFavorite texts
Feb 20, 2011 Tarot readingFountains of lightFountains of light: poems from Seducersworld
Four great modes of liberationFree your mind and your ass will followFriends old and new
GIRLGemstones and elementsGeometry
GoddessesGood answer!
Grinding Grinder Grinding MillGrinding millHappier
Hardt and NegriHey man, is this a dream?Holistic system of systems
Hope not fearHow do I
How to respond when you're censored on FacebookHymn to Aphrodite
I can quit any time I wantI choose left
I know a situationistI rememberIdeas matter
Identity OnlineIlluminatus! RemixedImage and seduction
Imagine thisIn the space of desire
InoculationIntention and transitionIntermittent Moon
Introduction to Tantra: the transformation of desireIntrospectionInverting Assumptions
Is this the best way to ..It's all about multiplicityIt's the web
Iterated prisoner's dilemma meta-strategyI’m in the movieJan 14, 2011: Tarot reading
Jan 5, 2013: Tarot readingJanuary 1, 2012: Tarot readingJean Shinoda Bolen on Aphrodite
Judgment of ParisJune 20, 2013, reversed readingJune 20, 2013, second reading
Just how many tantras
Larger than lifeLens
Let's make our own happinessLike perfectionLiquid glitter
Liquid glitter (2011 remix)Love = trust pretty darn absolutely
Luminous EmptinessMain PageMany paths many truths
Many paths many truths: poems from SeducersworldMany truths many paths
Meditation: transitions
Meditations for the 21st centuryMeditations on desireMelting together
MidnightMidnight (2011 remix)
Mill(Grinding)Mill coal mill vertical millMind Beyond Death
MisdirectionMoral low groundMultidimensionality
MultiplicityMultiplicity (atrium edit)Multiplicity (by Rita Carter)
MultitudeNote the use of the subjunctive
ObedienceObsessions Past and Present
October 8, 2013: Tarot readingOn BaudrillardOn meeting effectiveness
On the legal frontOn working with seductive people
Once in a blue moon, there's an embarrassment of richesOur threads are the ashes of our artPANOPTICON
Paris, 1968PerformativePills, thrills, chills, and heartache
PoemPoem remixes
Poems in progressPossibilitiesPotion: a fantasy
PowerPower-level.netPr0n Appliance
Pride is more fabulous than shamePublic EmailPunk reading list
Radically decentralized communicationsRainy nightRationality's not looking too good these days
Reading listReading on burn night 2006Readings
Reflections on the Summer Solstice, 2013, Tarot readingRethinking resolutionsRethinking resolutions (Anomalous remix)
RitualsRuin of KaschRuin of Kasch Notes
Scientists in an irrational worldSeduced by the elementsSeducersworld
SeductionSeduction, fantasy, and realitySeduction is
Seo-shengwei-tiankongSerenitySi hoc legere
SingularitySirensSocial networks
Soft weaponsSolitudeSolitude (2011 remix)
Solitude (Anomaly remix)Solitude (Seduction remix)
Some favoritesSomething to look forward toSometimes / Every moment
Sorry wrong numberSpace of desire
Stop seducing me!Stories
Stories as currencySummer beginningSummer beginning/Summer continues
Summer solstice, 2013, 78 Degrees InterpretationsSummer solstice, 2013, Tarot Wisdom Interpretations
Summer solstice, 2013: Tarot readingSweet dreamsSystem of systems
T ShirtsTaking my handTarot
Tarot readingsTerminologyTexts
Texts on culture changeThe Ad Astra ExperienceThe Ad Astra Experience (poems)
The Anomaly and the ElementsThe Asymptote of DesireThe Asymptote of Desire (Link quotient inifinity remix)
The Commentary RoomThe New MoralizerThe Wimp Factor
The anomaly's companionThe anomaly and the goddessesThe anomaly at the atrium
The inspired mindThe journey
The lights are coming onThe limits of analysisThe mist
The moon smiling down through the treesThe social transformation of gender relationsThe union of bliss and emptiness
The weird turn proThe women of SeducersworldThere are many Muses
There are many truthsThey call me kidThinking of you
This indirection is trickier than I thoughtTogether we fly
Top Ten Reasons To ProcrastinateTriggering Nights (2011 remix)
Triggering nightsTwentyPercentTimeUnclassic computer science reading list
Undoing GenderUnexpected sunWarmth
We Like Strange BedfellowsWe have met the enemy and he is us
We must create ourselves as a work of artWeather girl, weather goddessWeird like us
What an anomalyWhat is blue?What is consciousness?
What would it be like?What would you ask Catharine MacKinnon?Whatever you want
Where to hang out onlineWhich engine?Why a wiki?
Why be manipulated by hate when you can choose desire?Why settle for singularity when you can have multiplicity?Why would we lie to ourselves?
Wiki tipsWinter's winds earlyWondering
Work-relatedWork in progress, October, 2007Work in progress February 2009
World of Warcraft - Battlegrounds and PvP Rewards UpdatedWorship the anomalyYou're going to wake up one morning
You could tell they were infected right from the startYou shouldn't existYou shouldn't exist / And you?
Your eyes are like fountains of lightYves Klein