Space of desire

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Space of desire

for D, April, 2007

<center> The journey

There are many paths,
To the many destinations
In the space of desire.

Many patterns,
Many lenses
For the patterns
And paths
And destinations.

And goddesses
For company
As we journey down the paths

April - November, 2007, originally from Space of desire

Triggering nights

Listening to music
Triggering memories of nights
In New York, London, LA, Seattle, SF.
At darkwave clubs, lightships, barnevald, dna lounge,
Santa Cruz, the Mojave, the Sierras.

(or flirting with!)
a woman who looks like
she's got me written all over her.

Some favorites

Looking at
(or thinking about)
(or seeing something that reminds me of)
some of my favorite photos:
natural or glamour or casual or fetish,
alone or together
at parties clubs photo shoots home.

Aboretum and Conservatory

Walking at the arboretum
or in the woods
or at the Pinnacles.
Sunshine, mist or moonlight.

(or remembering)
The Conservatory of Flowers.

Taking my hand

(or sensing)
(or feeling)
taking my hand
As we walk
Through the woods,
Down the beach.

A ring that looks like a present

(or feeling)
(or remembering)
(or wearing)
crystal earrings
(pink, turquoise, deep red),
cool eye shadow,
a bracelet,
a collar,
a choker
(and the sound as it clicks shut),
a ring
that looks like a present.


A kiss
At midnight.

In a club,
In public,
In private,

Or imagining
A voice
Or a memory.

As we dance together,
Across the room
or more closely.

Sitting close to me
On a couch
Or in bed.
Wearing lingerie.
Or nothing at all ...

Candlelight ...

And any and all of the above ...

Sometimes / Every moment

Sometimes I realize
I've been there all along.
Sometimes I discover I'm there.
Sometimes it's sudden.
Sometimes I drift there more slowly ...

Infinite depth
Infinitely reflected
Transformed ...

In the space of desire

The people I'm there with
In their different ways
They are desire.

Any time I feel desire
It triggers thoughts

and feelings
and memories
of them
in different ways
on our intersecting paths.

And that
in turn
triggers other thoughts ...

and feelings ...
and memories

The kind of desire I feel,
The environment,
The experiences,
The paths,
All remind me
Of different people

(In different ways)
And the desire I feel for them.

Whenever I think of desire, I think of them, in the space of desire, and desire them more.
Whenever I remember desire, I remember them, in the space of desire, and desire them more..
Whenever I dream of desire, I dream of them, in the space of desire, and desire them more..
Whenever I experience desire, I experience them, in the space of desire, and desire them more..

Whenever I am in the space of desire,
I think of them
Remember them
Dream of them
Experience them
And desire them more.

What an anomaly

Of all the inhabitants
Of the space of desire,
One stands out:

The one I've loved
And desired the most deeply,

In the most different ways.

My desire for her
Reflects back
And projects
In my desire for everybody else.

And my desire for everybody else
In turn
Reflects back on
And deepens
And intensifies
My desire for her.

For twenty-one years
I've shared the most with her,
Done the most with her,
Had the most fun with her,
Grown the most with her.
Spent the most time with her
In the space of desire.

What an anomaly.