Solitude (Seduction remix)

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Solitude (Seduction remix)

Power out.

Three candles,
Surrounded by a circle
Of votives and tapers:

Creating Sacred Space.

I light them ... and think of you
And us -- individually, collectively.

I think about how the thought of you (and us)
Grounds me.
Makes me aware of the sacred space that surrounds you.
Seduces me.

I think about how thoroughly you've seduced me,
And I think about the scrap of paper I found this afternoon
With the carefully-written equation
Love = trust pretty darn absolutely

I feel (or imagine) your presence.
In the air ... on my skin ...
In my mind ...
Throughout my being.

I remember (or imagine) other seductive times with you,
Grounded and sacred,
By candlelight
And other magic illumination.

I remember (or imagine)
The first time we met ... and the next ...
The first time we held hands,
The first time I told you I loved you.

Every moment we've spent together.
All the moments with you I've remembered,
Imagined, replayed, anticipated,
And fantasized about.

And then I realize
I'm thinking too much
And watch the candles
And experience you.

-- December 15, 2006; remixed October 2007