Soft weapons

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Excerpts from Multitude, pp. 346-347:

"What we really need are weapons that make no pretense to symmetry with the ruling military power but also break the tragic asymmetry of the many forms of contemporary violence that do not threaten the current order but merely replicate a strange new symmetry: the military official is infuriated at the dishonest tactics of the suicide bomber and the suicide bomber is indignant at the arrogance of the tyrant....

"We need to invent new weapons for democracy today. Consider, for example, the kiss-ins conducted by Queer Nation in which men would kiss men and women women in a public place to shock people who are homophobic. The various forms of carnival and mimicry that are so common today at globalization protests might be considered another form of weaponry.... All of theswe efforts are useful, but they are clearly not sufficent. We need to create weapons that are not merely destructive but are themselves forms of constituent power, weapons capable of constructing democracy and defeating the armies of Empire. These biopolitical weapons will probably be more similar to those proposed by Lysistrata to overcome the Athenian men's decision to go to war than those put in circulation by ideologues and politicians today."