Reflections on the Summer Solstice, 2013, Tarot reading

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Interpretations from Crystal Reflections tarot.

First reading

  • The Significator (that is, me): The Fool
  • Covering me (the current situation): Judgement, reversed: You are feeling uneasy, lonely - longing to be free of certain situations but you can not see the way out. Acknowledge when you are tired. Review your life and make new plans for the future. Release yourself, realize your true self, turn your focus on your expression and carrying out your creative purpose in life. Do not allow your fears to keep you locked into this situation, never allow regrets and remorse to build. Direct the course of your life by examining and altering any self- destructive behavioral patterns. This is a very difficult step in your evolution of consciousness. The things you need will come to you in magical ways as you learn to rule your life and not be ruled by it. You will be called upon to teach many by your example. What "call" have you heard? What judgment is being made? What new realization is transforming you? Who or what are you merging with?
  • Crossing me (influences on the current situation): Seven of Cups: Don't hold back now - move on. Wonderful visions must be grounded in both action and the outer realities of life or they will remain only day dreams, without any real meaning or value. The greater you stretch yourself, the more fear there will be; where fear exists, there is also the opportunity for growth. Use your fear to catapult you forward. Be realistic and narrow down your choices using your common sense. Visualize the possibilities and see clearly in your mind the good things for the future. With your skills and abilities so well developed - it is time to decide where and how to use them - allow your mind explore the potentials. How are you overdoing or indulging yourself? What are your fantasies for the future? How are you deluding yourself? How are you gratifying your senses?
  • The heart of the matter: Three of Cups: The crisis has passed, your work has produced good results and something good is on the way. Your talents and sensitivity lie hidden just beneath the surface - allow your metaphysical interests to develop. Open your heart - deep fulfillment is realized through love - give and receive it. Love is a relationship - share your ideas, your touch, your projects and your growth. Follow your heart and you will know joy, your hopes will be complete and there will be a happy conclusion. Success - the beginning of a new lifestyle and the commencement of a love which is mutual. You inspire others with your belief in them and in their capabilities. Commitment, sociability - opening up emotionally and continuing to open up - but still predominantly one-on-one...not necessarily limited to a mate or romantic/sexual partner. The effect of the mind on the emotions pushes you forward to experience, to feel more in a completely positive sense. How have you been enjoying yourself? How do you relax with others? What is bringing you joy? What talents do you have and how have you been using them? What do you want to communicate or share with others? What cause is there for celebration in your life?
  • Behind me (the recent past): Ace of Cups: The beginning of things emotional and creative - the experience of joy, transcendent love and happiness. Your "emotional" acceptance is required before any project can develop and flourish. Sexual/emotional potential applying to relationships and to creative projects. Ecstasy is yours if you have the courage to completely live out the full range of all your emotions - do not sensor or deny any feeling - they are all divine. Ecstasy is emotional intensity that comes from truly living and living is "feeling" - feel everything! What is making you feel good right now? What would you like to do to indulge yourself? What or who is offering you nurturing or love? What messages are you receiving from your dreams and visions? What does your heart feel most open to?
  • Crowning me (possible event shaping up): Magician: The Magician is The Fool reborn in this life. Everything is possible. Beginning of beginnings - the evolution of consciousness. You are going in the right direction - make your decisions with confidence. Fix your attention on making your dreams come true and through sheer will, using your body as a channel - allow the divine life force to flow through you into the material world so that your goal can become a reality. Your tools are your spirit - the light which illuminates, your body - healing, wealth and success, your mind - brilliant, sharp and creative and your soul - healing and beautifying. Combined they represent the creative power which transforms any obstacle into creative expression and clear communication. Be strong now - be independent and exercise your will to direct your future course. Ground your life force into something real - "create" - produce something valuable outside yourself. Seek to become a proper channel, so you can serve your community. Allow your "ego" to dissolve into the spirit, so that you can direct the energy that flows through you. Become aware of the power in your life - the excitement that possesses you - allow your inspirations to become a reality. Master the art of being silent - the art of true concentration - which is a free act in light and in peace. Contemplation will become as natural as breathing - perfect calm, complete relaxation of the nerves and muscles of the body - silence of your desires and your preoccupation with imagination, memory and thought. Concentrate - quietly and unceasingly direct the greatest force upon the smallest point, for this is the practical key to all success in every area of your life. Transform the "work" which you consider "duty" into PLAY. Where are you focusing your energy? Are your objectives clear? What skills and abilities are needed in this situation? How are you communicating with others? What do you want others to believe or see?
  • Before me (the near future): Queen of Swords, reversed: Cut through any roles, masks or defenses present in yourself or your relationships. Accept your desire to be authentic with the people in your life. Recognize the people in your life who are intolerant and have a narrow outlook - they will find it difficult to see anyone else's point of view. Their perception is keen but it is also deceiving because their overemphasis on sorrow makes life worse than it is - their mind tends to ignore the good things around it. Be aware of the workings of your mind - understand how you create problems. A strong mind can create a very negative reaction to the pain or pressure that is experiencing from an unpleasant situation. Keep your clarity and your focus even amidst doubt, distractions and confusion. Maintain your mental balance and you will KNOW the truth. How are you utilizing your mental and communicative abilities? Who is helping you see the alternatives by pointing things out to you in a rational, perhaps critical way? How are you being discriminating and analytical?
  • Emotions: Queen of Cups: Awaited pleasures and success are now coming due. People in high position not only offer you assistance, but may bestow some sort of recognition on you. Rewards are promised now - advantages and powerful spiritual forces are present. You are deeply emotional and you reflect the unconscious in others. You are empathetic and understanding. Recognize that you can also be moody. How are you working with or expressing your unconscious? How are you expressing your emotions?
  • The environment: King of Cups, reversed: Create your own happiness - stop waiting passively for life to wait upon you. Re-assess your priorities, your loyalties and your commitments. Eliminate the "should's" and begin to move toward that which has vitality, heart and meaning. Recognize that people are not always what they appear to be - they can be powerful and put you down. Accept that there is always a possibility of double dealing or loss with any person or situation. If you feel you have been treated badly or misled - avoid any disagreements or violent emotions can emerge from your calm exterior because of the pressures caused by these outside events. Seek to find your solution by forgiving and extending compassion. What feelings are you keeping under firm control? In what ways are you a care-giver or counselor? Who cares for you deeply? How have you established yourself creatively?
  • Hopes and desires: Four of Wands, reversed: Try not to be so impatient. If you wish your aspirations to become attainments, they need to be accompanied by will-power and a concentrated focus on your goals. Be thankful for your blessings. You will always see positive improvement - even from a negative situation if you will just keep trying. Be thankful for what you have. Joy is so powerful it can not be blocked - but stress and problems can "cloud" it so that it is not so obvious. Take your mind off the so-called "big" things and learn to appreciate the things that really matter. Happiness in your environment can be strong, while still considered unorthodox in terms of other people's attitudes and expectations. What are you bringing to completion? What role is ritual or ceremony playing in your life? What have you integrated into your life? What Rite of Passage are you experiencing and how are you celebrating it? What are you celebrating?
  • Final outcome: Page of Wands, reversed: Your eagerness to start something new has been disrupted by complexities, problems and outright opposition which has resulted in confusion and indecisiveness. You have experienced fear and find you are unable to declare yourself. You are experiencing an uncomfortable relationship with a person who is domineering - this person is upsetting you. Face your fears and have the courage now to release them - allow yourself to feel the renewed energy, spirit and vitality. Recognize now that your basic qualities are simplicity and faithfulness and this instability causes you weakness. Choose now to get away from the complexities or develop the maturity necessary to deal with them. This continued indecision will only lead to further degeneration of your resolve and self-confidence. Be willing now to explore the unknown - ignite your self-curiosity and continue to move forward. What new territories and ideas are you checking out? Who is calling you? Who is enthusiastic about your endeavors and looks up to you as a mature adult? What actions are you risking to take? What are you all fired up about?

Unreversed interpretations

  • Covering me (the current situation): Judgement: Wonderful things are starting to happen now. Forge ahead and see what the future holds - face life realistically. Trust and believe that the new vibrations will let you see exactly what you'd like to be. Take a good look at your life and you will be gifted with the vision to see ahead. Raise yourself to a more meaningful existence. Your old ways of believing and thinking exist no more and the new requires action. You are being blessed with cosmic energies that will give you the guidance you need - be willing now to direct yourself - make all the changes you desire. You have achieved worthy goals, attained inner development and you are entering a time of serenity and happiness - a time of new beginnings.
  • Before me (the near future): Queen of Swords: Sharp wit - a serious, good counselor who can give the right kind of help - having developed great spiritual depth through prolonged struggle, which reflects the mastery of a fair, objective, rational mind. Centered - it is the observing mind which considers options fairly and demands the abandonment of pretense. Always seeking clarity and truth - going beyond the masks and defenses to the depth of the person. The counselor within awakens as she seeks clarification and desires to get to the bottom of things. Be at peace with yourself - accept whatever happens without loosing your composure. Let the "negative" be absorbed by the light of your positive, healthy mind. Seek the truth by seeing through the illusions. Maintain a balanced mind. Mental, assertive, perfectionist, protective, ambitious mother; philosophical, studious, alert, direct - good director or planner. A knowledgeable leader. Here is the source of the will to achieve, to maximize the potential of the self.
  • The environment: King of Cups: Emotional loyalty - unconditional love and commitment - the ability to give emotional comfort, support and positive regard to others. Qualities of generosity, reliability, respect - one who provides wise counseling with much empathy. A quiet spirit, filled with love that has moved beyond "ego" and vanity and offers unconditional spiritual healing and uplifting. Your happiness is the key to being alive. Laugh, love, smile and bring pleasure to your life. Regenerate yourself and you regenerate and heal others..
  • Hopes and desires: Four of Wands: Completion - a new beginning. You have done well, perfected your work and you will know harmony, satisfaction and peace. Make plans to enjoy the results of your hard work. If you have been enjoying romance - you could be laying the foundations for marriage - it will be a satisfying union. Your mind is active, creative and superior now - past activities will begin to peak, rewards will be received for your past efforts and prosperity will reign. Rise above your present situation and you will feel a sense of completion, the welcomed renewal that comes when opposing energies finally harmonize. Treat these moments as a cleansing time - celebrate and generously share the fruits of your labor - show appreciation to those who supported you. Free yourself from whatever it is that is keeping you from being all that you can be. Allow your higher spirit to help you as you aspire to help others. Celebrate life at every turn - allow yourself to enjoy the rewards you receive as you move through each developmental stage of your life and accept the responsibility of the new levels.
  • Final outcome: Page of Wands: Know yourself - master your internal blocks, obstacles and obstructions. Liberate your spirit - set it free to experience new adventures, renewal and new beginnings. Trust your instincts and enjoy yourself in a lighter more youthful way now. Allow yourself to experience life just for itself - free of external pressures. New beginnings, study and reflection - the qualities of a student who seeks new directions for self-growth and development.

Second reading

  • The Significator (that is, me): Magician: The Magician is The Fool reborn in this life. Everything is possible. The evolution of consciousness. You are going in the right direction - make your decisions with confidence. Fix your attention on making your dreams come true and through sheer will.
  • Covering me: Justice: It is time for your decision – investigate all the aspects of your situation, then decide what action is fair and honest. To properly understand your beliefs - you need to first interpret the "emotions" which are reflected from them, then "judge" which emotions are based on helpful beliefs and which are based on limiting, stressful ones. You will advance according to your ability to understand the past. Be mindful, fair and honor your mind, your heart, your body and your spirit. What decisions are you weighing? What are the pros and cons? What consequences are you experiencing as a result of some previous action? What is the appropriate compensation or "energy exchange" needed to balance this situation? What do you need to do to be true to yourself? What is unbalancing you? What can help create a new balance?
  • Crossing me: Knight of Swords: The inspired mind does not want to be limited, restricted or restrained in any way. Brainstorm new thoughts without judgment or censorship. Someone favors you - they will defend you and promote good vibrations. Focus all your energy on making your point - communicate your thoughts, philosophy and ideas. Each new moment creates an opportunity to fulfill ever changing needs. Be assertive and courageous. Release yourself from this confining or suffocating situation. You may "feel" inner conflict - but your emotions are beneficial and will be clarified once you have severed yourself from this negative situation. Allow yourself to experience the "true" situation - there is support available. Formulate your idea into a workable solution, apply your thinking - test your idea out and measure its worth. Mental, assertive, perfectionist, protective, philosophical, studious, alert, direct, a knowledgeable leader. Change agent for ideas and ideals. Where are you charging and why so fast? What point do you feel committed to make? Who has been impatient and careless of your feelings?
  • The heart of the matter: Ace of Swords, reversed: Difficulty with the early stages of formulating an idea, a plan or your goals. The confusion of too many ideas or the indecision of too few - creating trouble with completion. Your mental talents must fit the situation - see if you are too strong or too weak for the situation at hand. Sometimes, experiencing a negative is necessary in order to achieve something better - triggering the strength of your mind into action. When your grip on reality fails - it brings with it illusion, overpowering emotions, confused ideas and mixed feelings. Problems become exaggerated and everything, including attractions - "appear" to be more important than they actually are. See through the illusions and find a balanced sense of your reality. What new problem are you confronting? What is on your mind? What do you need to analyze? What is the point? Are you being just and fair? What decision do you need to face? Can you determine the truth of the matter? What legal, writing or research opportunities have been presented to you?
  • Behind me: Ten of Pentacles, reversed: Acknowledge when you are experiencing one problem after another, when nothing seems to run smoothly - when you feel lost and do not know what to do. When you become bored - you lean towards doing nothing and you can easily be persuaded to go in the wrong direction. Lack of true appreciation for the magnitude of the material blessings. Improper/inadequate use of wealth. Fortune atrophying, need to invest. Become self-motivated - be objective and take command of this situation. Utilize your gifts of communication, healing and inspiration and align with your "inner" Self. Organize things in your life - begin to communicate your "inner" desires and the results will be healing, inspirational and enriching. In what ways are you wealthy? What traditions are you carrying on? What is your status or position in the hierarchy or structure? What will endure beyond this experience or situation? How are you expected to behave under these circumstances?
  • Crowning me: Four of Swords: The negotiating mind - the meditating mind which is flexible, committed to staying in balance and non-positional. Maintain balance on all four levels - mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Move through these conflicting issues and resolve them. Stabilize yourself - rest and take this time to think of new plans. Things are changing - prepare your mind and make your plans. Give yourself time - this situation is getting better. Consider this a convalescent period - a time to renew both your physical and mental energies and establish your thoughts. Do not be concerned with the outcome, for it will be as it was meant to be. Establish your own sense of order and harmony. Build a solid foundation upon which you can expand. Your dreams will come true but you must wait. From what do you need to rest or retreat? Where do you need to focus your energies in order to recuperate your strength? What can you do to gain a better perspective and be fair and just in this situation? What kind of professional assistance would help most?
  • Before me: Five of Cups: Disappointment is the result of emotional attachment to an expectation that has gone unfulfilled. You find it hard to explain the turmoil you feel inside, the lack of harmony. You never sufficiently appreciate something until you have lost it. Letting go of a person or a lifestyle takes time. When something you have put your heart and soul into has not worked out, you experience disappointment, loss of harmony and doubt in the very beliefs that have sustained you. Actual healing takes place when you throw off the sorrow, pick up the pieces and renew your interactions with loving friends. Focus all your energy on a new project. Set your goals, but live in the moment. Release your attachment to "expected" outcomes and "cross the bridges as you come to them." What does it seem you have lost? What do you despair over? What are you disillusioned or disappointed with? What do you feel sorry about? What are some possible alternatives to what you have lost? What awaits your attention? What have you learned from your mistakes?
  • Emotions: Six of Wands: Victory - have faith, good news is coming and you can win all that you hold dear. You are going to succeed if you will just keep trying. Trust yourself - be confident that you have been given the abilities and opportunities to realize your goals and dreams. Relax and concentrate on the task at hand - you will succeed. Your relationships will get better and you will know victory of the will over the physical world - the ability to change destiny and thoughts. Success comes from working with others to achieve a goal. You gain your self-confidence and pride from creatively solving a problem and when your work is recognized, you feel elevated above those around you. Never allow this "pride" to get in the way of your success - it will upset and delay goals and cause you to forget where you came from and those who helped you get where you are. Recognize this opposition - know that you have the wisdom to overcome it. Shift your emphasis from your problems to your joys - from defensiveness to optimism. Trust your love, your light, your beauty and your richness. Assume victory and your optimism will produce the very success it desires and expects. What positions of leadership and responsibility have you taken on? What is your relationship with your fellow workers? What has been resolved through your actions? What do you feel confident about? What kind of leadership do others need from you?
  • The environment: Six of Swords, reversed: You are experiencing information overload. Clear your mind and put your thoughts in order. In a situation where there has been mental or physical abuse - you need distance and support so that you can gain a new perspective. With distance it is possible to rise above the situation so that you can see the larger pattern, determine some meaning behind it and what actions are necessary. There are times when it is proper to leave others behind, in order to break through relationship patterns that obsess and bind you. When your balance and peace are disturbed - your passage is no longer serene - your emotions are stirred up and your physical or spiritual journey becomes stormy. Trying to "attack" a long standing problem - especially one that has been accepted by others - only agitates the situation. What immediate problems are you attempting to solve? Where will you go to solve them? Where in your life right now is mental clarity important? How are you liberating your mind from clutter and false ideas so that you can think clearly? When you step back from your problem to gain a clear perspective, what do you see?
  • Hopes and desires: Hanged Man: After the crisis of seeing what you have made of your life comes the peace of acceptance. Love alone can effect the transformation to "obedience" through which your will is able to "perceive" the revelations from above which inspire, direct and strengthen you. Your heart is the center of LOVE - it abolishes distance and has the power to make all things present. You will now experience the reversal of attitude and experience that comes through spiritual awakening as you are taken out of the ordinary consciousness - that of reason, memory and sensual perception. Pause now, be willing to listen and observe things as they really are - not as they "appear" to be on the surface. Suspend your decision-making and remain passive now - use your sympathy, tact and maintain tolerance by centering yourself within. When you try to evaluate any situation based solely on your limited, conflicting beliefs - you will always feel powerless. LOVE does not demand any sacrifice. What do you expect from the sacrifices you are making? What are you devoted to? How are you hung up? What do you need to get straight? What do you need to give up? What are you trying to escape? How are you seeking higher knowledge?
  • Final outcome: Ace of Wands, reversed: A true centering on the being within - your karmic purpose can now gently and completely unfold. Awakening - opening of the Third Eye...receiving God's messages of your lessons to be learned. You may be on the verge of a spiritual breakthrough, but there is a block of some sort. You may very much be a medium through which a great deal is being accomplished. This channel between you and the firmament may be too efficient and thereby picking up more than is appropriate or it may be inefficient and not picking up all that is meant for you. Wonder and happiness are all around you - even when you cannot or will not allow yourself to see it. Don't give up now, just try again - plan it right and use a little more effort. Release yourself, experience who you are - do not hold back any part of yourself. Stay in your truth, be authentic and do not edit, rehearse or try to abandon who you are. Trust and honor your intuition! See yourself clearly committed to releasing any negativity, blocks or obstacles that are preventing you from actualizing your full potential. Are you really trying or is there too much activity in your life? Have you experienced too many starts without consolidating your past gains, resulting in "clouded joy"? What is inspiring you? What has aroused your passions and desires? How do you want to grow? How do you want to express yourself creatively? What do you feel the impulse to do? Into what is your energy and enthusiasm flowing? What new opportunity is being offered you?

Unreversed interpretations

  • The heart of the matter: Ace of Swords: Intellect - true perception and mental clarity. Your mind is balanced, receptive and has moved through doubt and confusion into expanded awareness. Peel away the masks now - cut through the "illusions" and analyze what needs to be done using your logic. Believe in your mind's ability to be brilliant, let it shine through your passion and interest. Intellect alone, without intuition - leads only to more illusion. You need LOVE if you wish to find spiritual truth. Your emotions are a "gift", they enable you to experience life intensely while they remain hard to hold on to and even harder to direct. Your intellect helps you pierce through the fog to give you a clear understanding of the real facts. Trust your imagination - become creative - open your mind. Use your logical reasoning to put your ideas into a workable order, then refine them so that they appeal to others. Allow your Throat Chakra to open and develop, for it connects you to the shaft of light which illuminates the mind and aligns the seven chakras with words of truth. Your communication becomes visible, conscious and delivered through external means. Your mind knows the truth and the information you are receiving is reliable. What new problem are you confronting? What is on your mind? What do you need to analyze? What opportunities have been presented to you?
  • Behind me: Ten of Pentacles: You are offered the gift of wealth, abundance and prosperity through your communication and organizational skills. Know that you are manifesting your visions and graciously accept the rewards. Your life will seem to just turn around and security will soon crown your efforts as your finances begin to prosper. Use the wealth of these resources to build lasting structures in the world -make this a better place to live in. The results of your material success are strategically important to others. Established success, with visible benefits of your success carried over for the material benefit of others, as in one generation of a family to the next. Family affairs in business, lasting security. Abundance, endurance, maturity, physical longevity. Here you find the storybook ending "and they lived happily ever after" which means that all of the main characters got exactly what they wanted. In what ways are you wealthy? What traditions are you carrying on? What are you inheriting - a job, money, home? What is your status or position in the hierarchy or structure? What will endure beyond this experience or situation? How are you expected to behave under these circumstances?
  • The environment: Six of Swords: A difficult cycle is ending - allow it to phase out now - quietly pass through it by setting your sights on the future. Look at things the way they are - not the way you want them to be. Think with an open mind. Investigate all the possibilities. You are experiencing an unpleasant, frustrating situation - sever yourself from it and you will know peace of mind and harmony, like the sunshine after a storm. You are making great progress now. Recognize that everything is relative to one's viewpoint and communicate in a non-threatening way that will allow other people to consider new ideas, thoughts, beliefs and attitudes from perspectives that they have not yet considered. the boundaries of self do not stop at the surface of your skin and your goals begin to take on the air of the extended self. Helping others, with mental generosity, is seen as the way of helping self as your personal goals become more and more integrated with those of others. Even independent thought has an inclusive element of the immediate other - of the thoughts of those most important to you. What immediate problems are you attempting to solve? Where in your life right now is mental clarity important? How are you liberating your mind from clutter and false ideas so that you can think clearly? When you step back from your problem to gain a clear perspective - what do you see?
  • Final outcome: Ace of Wands: New activities are starting in your business and social affairs - the seed is within your heart. You are an enlightened being - KNOW it! Live your life to it's fullest. KNOW what gives you energy and vitality and be passionate. Change and expand - see beyond the superficial, material reality. You will experience spiritual self-realization - awakening. You have been given the spirit to begin, the desire to want your ideas to grow and prosper, the first impulse and passionate will to begin a new job, a new way of life or a change in your career. Mental strength will be provided through deep understanding and insight. What is inspiring you? What has aroused your passions and desires? How do you want to grow? How do you want to express yourself creatively? What do you feel the impulse to do? Into what is your energy and enthusiasm flowing? What new opportunity is being offered you?