Pills, thrills, chills, and heartache

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Transgressive non-fiction (all in the first person, as the subtitle implies) by 30+ contributors, all of whom seem to be into creating themselves as a work of art. Generally extremely well written, and features a lot of authors/works-of-art who are not widely known. Some of my favorite selections were the ones by Tara Bruce, Anna Joy Springer, Dennis Cooper, Treber Healey, Charles Anders, Kevin Killian, Chris Krause, Pleasant Gehman, Alvan Orloff, Michelle Tea, Clint Catalyst, Thea Hillman, Inga Muscio, and J.T. LeRoy.

In some hard-to-define way, my life is a lot like this, although all of the details are different.

[Dennis Cooper]'s "One Night in 1979 I Did Too Much Coke and Couldn't Seleep and Had What I Thought Was a Million-Dollar Idea to Write the Definitive Tell-all Book About Glam Rock Based on My Own Personal Experience But This Is as Far as I Got" is (IMHO) the best thing he ever wrote.