Once in a blue moon, there's an embarrassment of riches

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The thought I had in my mind as I shuffled the cards was "tell me what I need to know to be able to follow through on my New Year's Resolutions -- work-life balance, more art/beauty/fun/seduction, and more time and energy with the people I care about " at which point thoughts of two particularly Coquettish friends of mine and how much art, beauty, fun and seduction they bring to my life took over my mind. Looks like my unconscious has a pretty clear idea of what really matters to me :-)

"That's a good place for that card," D remarked several times. Indeed! Temperance represents vibration, radiant energy, tempering of experience, balance, and learning to transfer the life force from the imagination (moon) to the conscious (sun) -- another stage on the fool's journey to mastery. Looks like I'm making progress.

And it's hard to imagine a better final outcome than "working in harmony with others, what we've imagined will come to pass. successful combinations will be achieved."


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