On working with seductive people

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I originally posted about this on Seducersworld in October 2005 after a friend there who works in a male-dominated, homogenous, hyper-conservative environment mentioned that she always makes a point of seducing the most powerful (also usually the most seductive) women in the room before paying much attention to the men. A few weeks later a good friend of mine at work pointed out that I appear to enjoy working with seductive women (no, ya think?), and asked why. Once I had written this up, I realized that everything here is gender-independent, which is kind of interesting ... so I changed the subject to be about "seductive people". The version here is somewhat distilled and edited.

Some questions and answers from the Seducersworld thread:

   Is the observation based on knowing your co-workers' personalities or is it based on just their appearance?

Personalities ... although my experience is that anybody who fits the criteria of my first bullet can (if they're so inclined) find a way to make their appearance quite seductive as well.

   Did you become aware of the seductive qualities as you got to know them more? Or was there a seductive aura present before you developed a rapport with the co-workers in question?

Different answers in different cases ... sometimes it was there as soon as we met, sometimes it develops over time ...