Obsessions Past and Present

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A partial list of various things that have obsessed me at some point in my life -- or are currently obsessing me.


Past (and perhaps future)

  • Illuminati New World Order (INWO): the first time we played this (back in Charleston), Ronald Reagan and the Vatican City destroyed Hollywood with the aid of the South American Nazis and a Whispering Campaign. We were hooked. We played multiple games several nights each week, avidly followed the INWO deck of the week and the homebrew cards, bought boxed sets and expansion sets and the German edition (featuring Top Modell and a great illustration for Joschka Fischer). We haven't really played since 2001.
  • the Boston Red Sox. Really, though, after 2004, there's no point -- it actually was the year.
  • transgressive literature. I still like it, but don't think I'm obsessed any more