Many paths many truths

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The words of each line of the first stanza Many truths many paths started out in October 2007 as being almost completely from the links of Many paths many truths; both poems continue to evolve, so it's a steadily-more-imperfect match (as opposed to the two stanzas of Many truths many paths and The Asymptote of Desire/Desiring the asymptote, which are intended to stay in sync).

See also: the Seducersworld thread Many paths, many truths (resurrected)

July 2011: In the last line, I changed "seduction" to "attraction". "Seduction" has inescapable overtones of sexuality and deception, exemplified in Robert Greene's 'Art of Seduction', and "attraction" is a much more positive term. And luckily for me they have thee same number of syllables.

September 2011: I went back to "seduction". It's a great word, and worth reclaiming :)