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An experiment, a (net)work in progress, a meta-level solution, a work of art...

A change is coming.

Why settle for singularity when you can have multiplicity?

Worship the anomaly.

Starting Points

Meditations on desire, Hallowe'een 2007

Space of desire, April 2007

DJ Anomaly at the Atrium, December 2011

Rationality's not looking too good these days (2003/2004),
Illuminatus! Remixed (2004),
Eris and the anomaly (January 2006)
The anomaly and the goddesses (January 2008),Three readings (2004-2011)

Poems ... Stories ... Meditations for the 21st century ... Dialogs for the 21st century

Goddesses ... Elements ... Muses ... Readings ... texts ... colors ... definitions, Creating change, and other lenses

Meta and All pages


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