Larger than life

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I was chatting with an openly enigmatic friend, describing a woman I was getting to know who, to protect her privacy, I will dub "the best Coquette in the world". After I had raved about how womderful she was in sooooo many different ways, my enigmatic friend broke in with an observation:

"It almost sounds like she's larger than life."

"Of course," I said, without even having to stop to think. "A lot of my friends are larger than life ... or I can clearly see that they will be in the future. You're larger than life in a bunch of ways too ...." Which I then proceeded to list and we discussed that for a while before returning to the qualities of the best Coquette in the world.

Very archetypal.

Sources for archetypes: books, traditions (Tarot), psychology, theory, gods and goddesses (I once introduced a friend of mine as "the closest person I know to the Goddess Athena"), religious and historical figures, shared experiences (i remember hearing a friend of my brother's describe Donna Tartt as "the literature grad student you dreamed of as having for a TA" and knowing just what he meant).

Meta-techniques: look for anomalies who embody or can introduce you to multiple archetypes, especially those you don't have a lot of experience with; have fun.