It's all about multiplicity

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Duality is problematic; strive not for unity but for multiplicity and/or nothingness

  • two’s not the answer; neither is one; zero, many, or infinity (“to infinity, and beyond!”)
  • post-modernism is right about this
  • “there are any number of right answers” does not imply “all answers are right”

”don’t think too much” doesn’t mean “don’t think at all”; D says “sometimes being really smart can get in the way” but doesn’t say that it’s a bad thing

There are multiple, multiple maps .... I’m learning more about them and using them and thinking of the world that way – I’m not an expert in any single one but can recognize the experts and learn from them (and in turn help them in the other areas).

Nobody’s applied this kind of critical reading to many of these lenses. Post-structuralist post-colonialist, queer, feminist, connectionist … all these approaches to theory yield new insights.

See also: Multiplicity (by Rita Carter)