Introduction to Tantra: the transformation of desire

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Compared to this gradual sutra approach, tantrayana is a far speedier path to enlightenment. Although tantric practitioners do not neglect creating the same causes as the followers of sutra, they take the future result of full spiritual eolution as the very starting point in their path. To put this in other words, the tantric yogi or yogini -- as these supremely skillful practioners are called in Sanskrit -- learns to think, speak, and act now as if he or she were already a fully enlightened buddha. Because this powerful approach brings the future result of full awakening into the present moment of spiritual practive, tantra is sometimes called the resultant vehicle to enlightenment....

Speaking generally we can say that all the many practives of tantra involve the principles of transformation.... Through the proper practies of tantra all of our energies, incluing the subtle yet very powerful energies we are not ordinarily aware of, are harnessed to accomplish the greatest of all transformations.

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