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Some of the most seductive women I know approach as creating addiction. Are there ways to apply these of their techniques to poeticization? For example, consider this discussion of presuppositions from Isabella Valentina's trance FAQ

"The more you stare up at my red toenails, the more submissive you become." Now I presupposed several things. First, I made you assume you had to "stare up" at my toenails, which is implies you are underneath me. Secondly, I presupposed that I have bare feet. Thirdly, I've presupposed that I have red painted toenails. How would you know it if I hadn't said it? I could have pink toenail polish. All I did was put a thought in your mind that was said in a way that implied it actually existed. Fourthly, I presupposed you were already submissive because I said "more submissive" as though you could somehow increase your current state. When I tell you to "look at" them something that technically doesn't exist (all that really exists is your own imagination), your reality has changed. Once my feet are part of your reality, then your subconscious mind automatically has the ability of looking at my glorious toenails.

This sounds like exactly the kind of thing a Muse might do to poeticize her toenails and deepen an artist's submission to her! Is there a way for an artist to apply this technique as well -- for example can a poem (or set of poems) simultaneously poeticize the toenails and the deepening submission? How would that in turn affect the artist's submission to the Muse? To other Muses? What affect does this have on the reader?

Without a presupposition, I could have said, "Pretend I have my feet over your face. I have bare feet. My toenails are painted red. The more you imagine staring at my red toenails, the more you'll realize that perhaps you're submissive. [Obedience | And the more you realize your submissive nature, the more submissive you will become]."

Early experiments are promising, and so this seems worth exploring more. A couple more quotes, the first once again from Isabella Valentine.

If I said, "You're going into trance now and hypnosis overwhelms you deeper and deeper into my voice." Now in that sentence there are subliminal unspoken things... the direct command was that the listener is directed to go into trance. And I added "deeper and deeper" which means subliminally the person is falling.
Another subliminal message is the presupposition "my voice" which assumes that my voice even exists. My voice technically doesn't exist here because you can't hear me. You can only read me. So I've subliminally suggested that maybe you can hear my voice. Also subliminally, I suggested that because you're entering trance, you'll "fall into my voice." Not only will you fall into my voice, but you'll go deeper because you're finally in my voice.
I could have easily said, "You're going into trance now. My voice is all you hear. Pretend my voice is a cave. Now enter my voice and as you enter, go deeper and deeper into hypnosis."

And from Mz Dominica's blog entry How Flexible Is your Mind?:

And then you fall asleep... and the dreams begin. Dreams of kneeling at My feet, gazing up into My spinning, shiny crystal. Sleep. Even inside your own dreams, I put you into deeper and deeper sleep. Sleepy, and dreaming of Dominica controlling you... shaping your mind... You've heard about people taking up new hobbies, trying to keep their memories sharp, their thinking clear... by learning new things. Learning a new language... doing puzzles... Learning how to drop deep, DEEP into trance. Oh yes... I train you, don't I pet?

And Isabella Valentine describes the first step of the training:

all you have to do
to experience a deep trance
is follow instructions.
I know you want to be hypnotized,
otherwise you wouldn't be reading this.
So do yourself a favor
and teach yourself
the art of hypnotic obedience.
Obeying is easy.
It really is.