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Some things that I'd like to do which are not obvious ... this page serves both as notes to myself, but also requests for suggestions. As I figure things out, the plan is to move them to "Oh that's how to ..." or "Is this the best way to ..."


I'm using this one wiki for a bunch of different things, and so would like to be able to categorize them for a couple of purposes; I'll illustrate by using the tag Meditations for the 21st century.

  1. Make it easy to navigate from the page to a general subject header. That is, from any Meditation, I want to have single-click access to Meditations for the 21st century, presumably in the left-hand navigation bar, although I'd settle for elsewhere.
  2. Make it easy to collect all of the items in a given category. It would be cool if the main Meditations page could have an automatically-updated and embedded list (as a table of contents, presumably); I'd settle for having this be easily searchable.
  3. Have a common format and look-and-feel.

There are some structural approaches that use namespaces to approximate this: multiple wikis, for example, or multiple WikiBases within a wiki, ). There are a couple of reasons I don't like this, though:

  • It rules out the possibility of allowing having multiple categories for a page
  • It seems likely to make it harder to reorganize over time

Are [Wikimedia categories] what I want? They accomplish the first two of the goals above, but not the third. Seems like a reasonable place to start ... perhaps [Templates] are a way of accomplishing the third.