Feb 20, 2011 Tarot reading

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There were quite a few cards here that have shown up before. The Six and Seven of Cups showed up in similar places in 2006. The Six of Cups was my fears in last month's reading, and The Lovers (unreversed) were my fears in 2009/2010. As if that's not enough, the Moon was the final outcome in 2004 and Temperance in 2009/2010. Hmm ...

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  • The Significator (that is, me): The Fool: hiiiiii!
  • Covering me (the present): Six of Cups: Happiness and enjoyment from the past. New friendships, gift from an admirer, new knowledge and opportunities. What memories or relationships from the past have reappeared? What is renewing and revitalizing you? What is bringing you pleasure?
  • Crossing me (opposing forces, good or bad): Seven of Cups: Dreams, castles in the air, imagination working overtime -- the seekers' forces have been too scattered. A unifying story that speaks of limitless diversity, unbounded potential. What are your life be like if everything you require for success is always available to you? Are you distracted by the diversity before you? If so, how can you obtain clear focus?
  • The heart of the matter: The Tower: Getting beyond duality; changes, conflict, overflowing existing ways of life; disruption brings enlightenment. How are you improving and restructuring yourself and your environment? What sudden realization or insight have you had? Wikipedia notes "Others believe that the Tower represents dualism, and the smashing of dualism into its component parts, in preparation for renewal that does not come from reified, entrenched concepts.... Epiphanies, transcendental states of consciousness, and Kundalini experiences may result." Indeed!
  • Passing away: Two of Swords, reversed: Release, movement of affairs, sometimes in the wrong directions. Avoid imposters. Sympathy for those in trouble. Disloyalty. The spirit of duality, split decisions, opposing choices. Release your fear of involvement now, release your need for everything to be "perfect" and in perfect order all the time - allow yourself to relax. What are you hesitating to do? With whom do you have to make peace or reconcile? Are you moving against the current of life, or with the flow? What kind of unique or unorthodox resources are available to me in my time of need?
  • Coming to pass: Three of swords: A general upheaval of the environment. Possibility of civil war. Political strife. Stormy weather for the affections. Experience your emotions fully, so that you will not get blocked by them. The veil of obscurity is pierced, and the heart of desire is made manifest through our practice of living an observed, aware, and balanced life. In what ways are you suffering, feeling jealous or hurt? Can you look at your relationships with truth and honesty? What do you fear most within your relationships? What are you hiding from? Are you being totally honest with yourself about the situation and the people you are associating with?
  • The near future: The Hanged Man: Spiritual wisdom, prophetic power, a pause in one's life, suspended decisions. Material temptation is conquered. Self-surrender leads to transformation. "The initiated man now stands as a responsible co-worker with the divine." After the crisis of seeing comes the peace of acceptance. Love alone can effect the transformation. What do you expect from the sacrifices you are making? Are you struggling with a decision or problem? Can you let it go? What activities in your life can you give up in order to allow more benefits? What beliefs and thoughts do have that hinder your progress? Can you give them up?
  • My fears: Eight of Wands: Great haste, great hope, too rapid advancement. That which is on the move. Hasty communications, messages, letters of love, journey by air. unleashed, your imagination can flow unchecked - a burst of energy felt as an "urgency to get moving" or a frenzy of activity. Gentle these impulses with quiet meditation and the effort of self-control. [Trying to do too much too soon could easily lead to losing focus or spiralling; yes, I am concerned about it.] What are you rushing into? What do you feel the urge to move on quickly? What do you need to tell others about? Are you moving with or against the natural current of life? What does the concept of surrender mean to you?
  • My environment: Temperance: Adaptation, tempering, coordination, self-control, good management. Working in harmony with others. What we've imagined will come to pass. Successful combinations will be achieved. It is time for you to apply what you have learned - see what you have mastered - you are an artist in all phases of your life. Try new things now, while at the same time - maintaining a solid hold on your present security. Recognize the flow in your own life, and choose to listen to nature's broadcast. What are you feeling optimistic about? What thoughts, beliefs or actions can you merge together to create harmony in your life? What needs to be healed or brought into balance?
  • My hopes: The Lovers, reversed: the standard interpretation here is "quarrels, infidelity, a broken marriage" but I'm certainly not hoping for that! Instead I thinks it's the reversal of The Lovers' interpretation ("You have been offered two paths - it is time for your choice") -- i.e., getting beyond duality as with the Tower. Back in 2004 I wrote "It will appear to be a choice between two things; there is almost always a third option to 'reject the choice' or even 'defer the choice' which means there are many options." Now, with qw3ries and the intersection between writing, activism, entrepreneurship, psytrance, and transformation (and in so many other ways), I'm not just rejecting choices but finding ways to synthesize them and achieve successful combinations. How do your relationships mirror your own sense of self-worth? What choice or decision do you need to make? What needs to be combined, synthesized or brought together?
  • Final outcome: The Moon, reversed: Imagination will be harnessed by practical considerations. Storms will be weathered, peace gained at a cost. Avoid risks; there is the possibility of misunderstanding. "The fool is still on his journey -- learning, falling back, and then again advancing." What kind of cycle or pattern are you repeating? What is real and what is illusion? What steps can you take to silence those nagging thoughts that distract from joy? What do you instinctively want to do?