Fall Equinox 2012: Tarot reading

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As I shuffled the cards I thought about the handful big questions in my life these days. One that was particularly strong in my mind, right before I cut the cards, was how to turn all the negativity in my environment positive. With seven reversed cards, there's no shortage of negativity here -- including the Eight of Pentacles Reversed ("danger of failing in one's ambitions, intrigue, skill turned to cunning") which has moved from my fears in the New Year's Day reading to the near future now. Great. Fortunately the cards don't set the future in stone, they just describe a likely future based on the current dynamics, and point to possibilities of what to change.

And the message on what to change is pretty clear. Reflecting on the reading, I thought about how different it would have been if those cards hadn't been reversed. The more negativity I can turn positive, the better the situation will be. How to do that? When we had finished going through the cards, she reflected "It's all about balance. For the foreseeable future, that's what you need to be looking at." Good advice as always!

  • The Significator (the Querent): The Fool Hiiiii! (waves)
  • Covering: (the present): Justice, reversed: Injustice, inequality. Do not allow unfairness to keep you from taking responsibility for what happens to you. Use mercy and understanding when judging yourself and others, and avoid excessive tendency to severity. Be disciplined and use your ability to divine right from wrong. The ultimate question is "what do you want"? Find something that really suits you. The Fool embarks on a higher cycle of manifestation but with all the experience gained during the previous cycle. If unreversed: justice will be done; balance is required. Eliminate excess baggage, wrong ideas. A mixture of the right ingredients is welcomed.
  • Crossing: (opposing forces, good or bad): Judgment: Awakening, renewal. A life well lived, a work well done. A change of consciousness, the realization that you need to live your life in a different way and you need to be true to yourself and your needs. Wonderful things are starting to happen now. Forge ahead and see what the future holds. Face life realistically, allow the new to emerge and realize the old situations no longer apply. The Power belongs to those who know, and those who know are then responsible. Make all the changes you desire. Actively participate and allow yourself to become a motivating spirit. Confront unfinished business, clear up any misunderstandings and view the future with peace and understanding in your heart. The Fool has found the secrets of life.
  • The heart of the matter: The Chariot, reversed: You are feeling as if you have very little control over your life. If your powers of observation are faulty, superficial, or fearful, the resulting sequence of subconscious reactions is bound to be destructive. The two sphinxes may pull in different directions if the will of the charioteer does not control them. The conqueror may not yet have conquered him or herself. We find both will and knowledge, but there is more desire to maintain than proven power for real attainment. Instead of wasting energy grieving and complaining, use that energy to take action and to make changes in the world. Fear will cripple you unless you can acknowledge it and face it. Then you can use your fear constructively, for your own purposes. Focus your energies on what IS in your control. Examine what you can do to change the situation. If unreversed: triumph, success, the card of those who achieve greatness.
  • Passing away: Two of Wands: Boldness, courage in 'embarking on an enterprise. With the correct negotiation, there could be a business partnership. Kindness and generosity -- yet a proud and unforgiven nature. A balance between thought and desire. Maintain your balance as events arise that will test your ability to judge fairly. What two ideas are you bringing together in a new and different way? What conflicting desires do you wish to integrate? At what threshold do you stand?
  • Coming to pass: Six of Wands: Good news. Victory after strife. Pleasure gained through labor. Success through industry. Friends are helpful. Assume victory and your optimism will produce the very success it desires and expects. What positions of leadership and responsibility have you taken on? What is your relationship with your fellow workers? What has been resolved through your actions? What do you feel confident about? What kind of leadership do others need from you?
  • The near future: Eight of Pentacles, reversed: Danger of failing in one's ambitions. False vanity, intrigue, and sharp practice. Skill turned to cunning, like that of the counterfeiter. Your own impatience is creating this frustration and these unfulfilled ambitions. You can not take shortcuts to success; proceed in the proper way, attend to details and utilize your organizational skills. There must be order and trust. What skill or craft are you learning? What details do you need to examine and take care of? How can you create a regular rhythem. for work? What are you doing to take care of your health and well-being? If unreversed: Learning a trade or profession, the beginning of a profitable undertaking. Skill in material affairs, handiwork, and the arts -- sometimes remaining only at the apprenticiship stage.
  • Fears: The Sun, reversed: Future plans clouded, possible loss of a job or a home. Look at the situation realistically now - be perfectly honest with yourself. Put effort into reaching your goals. If unreversed: Material happiness. Success, attainment. A good marriage. Happy reunions. Achievement in the arts, sciences, agriculture (?!?). Pleasure in the simple life. Liberation.
  • What people in the environment think: Ace of Pentacles, reversed Difficulty getting a project started or finished on time or to satisfaction. A false start. Inability to handle a basic, debilitating fear. Comfortable material conditions, which may not be to the advantage of the Querent. Accept that you are capable of making the wrong choices and use your gifts of practical organization. Assert your independence. If unreversed: the beginning of wealth and material gain,. Gold, prosperity, combined with pleasure and beauty.
  • Hopes: Knight of Swords, reversed: Continue to cut through the thoughts, attitudes and beliefs that are creating blocks to your movement and the expression of your creative-intuitive thinking. Be direct, authoratitive, incisive, knowledgable, logical. Take the direct approach to a problem or situation. Don't mince words or let your feelings drive you. Approach things logically, dispassionately, and with forceful aim and let the chips fall where they may. Remove limitations and restrictions by releasing your desires to actively express your creative energy. See clearly the people you must steer clear of - recognize that they can upset your plans and create trouble. Your patience will make you a winner and allow you to restructure your relationships so that they move in new directions that are unlimited and less restrained.
  • Final outcome: Two of Swords, reversed: You are caught between a rock and a hard place and are finding it very difficult to make a decision about what to do. Either option may lead to negative consequences. Release your need for everything to be "perfect" and in perfect order all the time - allow yourself to relax. Your affairs may be moving very quickly, so do not let the pace get you down. .e sure that you are dealing with the right people and give yourself plenty of time to think before committing yourself to anything. Your balance has been lost - you have been knocked over by the people and problems charging your defenses. The blindfold has been removed so that you can see the truth and communicate. This has been an emotionally shattering experience for you - you will need outside help. What are you hesitating to do? With whom do you have to make peace or reconcile? What are you struggling to maintain in balance?

Mashup of of interpretations from various sources, including Eden Grey and Crystal Reflections, September-October 2012

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