Fabulous principles

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Candidate principles for a collaboration focused, mixed-role team:

  • Simplicity.
  • Respect others – and expect them to respect you.
  • Involve the customer from day 0.
  • Step out of your comfort zone.
  • Introspect early and often.
  • Cheer for other teams as well as yourself.
  • Look for win/win solutions.
  • Transparency by default.
  • The team is the guru.
  • Work on things you're passionate about.
  • Question assumptions.
  • Offer help to others. Ask for help.
  • Work with people you like, not just people like you.
  • Act the way you want the company to be.

From the Project Fabulous proposal, Microsoft Corporation, September 2005.

Authors: Tatiana Becker, JC Cannon, Ward Cunningham, Suzanne Evans, Alexis Fink, Brad Gillespie, Corey Harrington, Elizabeth Hoogs, Edward Jezierski, Jennifer Johnston, Josh Lee, Marc McDonald, Laverne Masaki, Jon Pincus, Catharine van Ingen.

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