Definitional struggles

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As a literary guy, though, I think these definitional struggles are a positive force for good. It's a sign of creative health to be bogged down in internecine definitional struggles. It means we have escaped a previous definitional box.
-- Bruce Sterling, [Viridian Note 00459: Emerging Technology 2006]

Strangely enough, some quick web searching hasn't pointed me to any standard definition of definitional strugle. I use it in a pretty literal sense: a debate about the definition of something, usually a term -- see for example Wikipedia's page on [Definitional concerns in anarchist theory].

It's amazing what terms can be the basis of definitional struggles. I was recently involved in a heated debate, during the course of which it became apparent that the different words we were using in incompatible ways included slander, allow, smear, and bashing, attack, flame, objective truth (which probably also implies both objective and truth) and failure. Our communication was less than completely effective.