Can fantasy stand against hegemony?

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conquer the fear and jump into chaos. no! its not a secret forbidden world that only a few fortunate transgressive people can/must participate in. it's all of that but it is also a world anybody can enter. anybody can be sexy. anybody. its all how you define sexy, and so its all about how you want the fantasies to be.

reality will always respond to what you fantasize about and that can invert anything. and if you want, if you dare you can bring it into the daylight.

today, hierarchical organizations (consolidating corporations) and totalitarian states are even more powerful and hegemonic than they were. what can stand against them? belief in something else that translates to a different set of rules, so not only the ability to overcome fear to resist but also the non-linearity to avoid getting crushed by the power.

can fantasy – as in living out fantasies, not cute little books involving magic and unicorns – also fill that role?

there's power in unleashing fantasy. there's power in connecting people and finding shared fantasies. but fantasies – as with religion – are too often used as a tool of oppression: too many fantasies relate to things that are unachievable (being an anorexic model), and both the attempt to get there and the envy of those that have succeeded are harmful.

is it possible to construct fantasies that are liberating instead of repressive?