Burn Night 2006, 78 Keys interpretation

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  • The Significator (that is, me): The Fool: The Fool represents true innocence, a kind of perfect state of joy and freedom, a feeling of being one with the spirit of life at all times. 'Innocence' means a freedom and total openness to life, a complete lack of fear that comes through a total faith in living and to your own instinctive self. It is sexuality expressed without fear, without guilt, without connivance and dishonesty, spontaneously and freely, as the expression of love and the ecstasy of life. All things are possible to the person who is always ready to go in any direction. For the Fool no difference exists between possibility and reality. Just as the Fool does not experience a separateness form the physical world so he or she does not experience any isolation from the 'opposite sex'. From another perspective, the Fool represents the leap into the archetypal world of the trumps. The white rose symbolizes passion raised to a higher level. In readings the Fool speaks to us of courage and optimism, urging faith in ourselves and in life. The Fool can also symbolize beginnings, courageously leaping off into some new phase of life, particularly when that leap is taken from some deep feeling rather than careful planning.
  • Centre (the present; inner person or 'being'): Seven of Cups: Emotion and imagination can produce wonderful visions, but without a grounding in both action and the outer realities of life, the fantastic images remain daydreams.
  • Crossing (how person acts or 'doing'): Six of Cups, reversed: A move towards action, looking towards the future rather than the past. At other times, the Six reversed indicates disturbed memories, a feeling of alienation from the past, or the breakdown of a relationship based on one person protecting or teaching the other.
  • Basis: The Chariot, reversed: The approach of will-power has proven unsuccessful, and the situation has gotten out of control. Find some other approach to the difficulties. Will-power alone can not always sustain us. Like Oedipus we must sometimes learn to give way to the gods.
  • Influence passing away: King of Wands: A strong-minded person, able to dominate others by strength of will. His power derives from a firm belief in his own rightness. He knows the truth; he knows his method is best. He is naturally honest, seeing no reason or value in lies. He is positive and optimistic for much the same reason; the Wands energy burns so strongly in him he does not understand why anyone would experience negative attitudes.
  • Possible outcome: Queen of Pentacles, reversed: A psychic weakness; not rusting oneself in some specific situation. For cutting off the Queen from her vital connection to the earth results in nervousness and confusion. She becomes afraid, even phobic, mistrustful of others and especially of herself, doubting her abilities and her value as a person. A loss of daily rhythm in life, a dissatisfaction with the whole environment, an inability to appreciate what the environment has to offer. The Queen suggests a dual remedy. First, a build up of confidence; besides emphasizing his or her accomplishments and good qualities, a person can do this through meditation with the Queen right side up. Second, a grounding of the emotions in natural things, ordinary pleasures, satisfying work.
  • The near future: Page of Swords: Rather than charge at problems, he finds it sufficient to simply get above them, to find the high ground. Instead of solving conflicts or meeting opposition he detaches himself.
  • Self: Six of Pentacles: On the surface, the Six of Pentacles illustrates the idea of sharing, generosity, charity. Notice however that the people form a hierarchy, one above the two others. The card therefore signifies a relationship in which one person dominates others. The lower position does not imply weakness. The card may indicate giving people what they are able to receive. From the Six of Pentacles we learn the value of studying the Tarot or other disciplines lies not simply in the specific knowledge gained but also in the frame of mind created by the act of doing it. The work itself changes us.
  • Environment: Eight of Pentacles, reversed: Impatience and the situations resulting from it: frustration, unfulfilled ambition, envy or jealousy. These things may result form the attitude of looking only to success, and not to the work that brings it. They may also arise from unsatisfying work.
  • Hopes and fears: Nine of Pentacles, reversed: Lack of discipline and the failure that comes from it; projects taken up and then abandoned; an inability to channel energy into useful purposes. It can mean not knowing what we want, or what really matters to us.
  • Final outcome: The Sun: Joy, happiness, a great sense of the beauty of life. In its deepenst sense it means looking at the world in a wholly new way, seeing all life united in joy and light. Optimism, energy, and wonder. A burst of freedom, a breaking loose, a wonderful liberation from ordinary restricted consciousness to openness and freedom.

Unreversed interpretations

  • Crossing (how person acts or 'doing'): Six of Cups: Sweet memories. Alternatively, a teacher or protector giving wisdom and security to someone who might be a family member, a student, or a friend.
  • Basis: The Chariot: The person is successfully controlling some situation through the force of his or her personality. The situation contains some contradictions, and these have not been brought together but simply held uner control. The Chariot basically means success; the personality in charge of the world around it.
  • Possible outcome: Queen of Pentacles: The Queen holds her Pentacle in both hands, intensely aware of the magic in nature and the strength she derives from it. Her qualities, as well as the sexual symbolism, relate her to the patron of Pentacles, the Empress. She knows and believes in herself, and in the magic of her life. In readings, the quality of self-trust will often prove the most important. If the King stands beside the Fool, then the Queen belongs with the Magicisan. Where the Magician manipulates the forces hidden in the world, the Queen of Pentacles joins herself to those forces, allowing them to flow through her into her daily life.
  • Environment: Eight of Pentacles: Training that brings both discipline and skill. Work cannot succeed if the person thinks only of the end result. We have to care about the work itself.
  • Hopes and fears: Nine of Pentacles: Awareness, especially self-awareness and the ability to distinguish what matters in life, what goals truly demand our best efforts. The card signifies success -- but not simply the material benefits; it means as well the sense of certainty that comes with knowing one has made the right choices and followed them with the necessary actions. 'Success' here means not so much worldly achievement as success in 'creating' ourselves out of the material given us by the circumstances and conditions of our life.