Blue Moon 2004 Tarot Reading, 78 Keys interpretation

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  • The Significator (that is, me): King of Swords: Authority, power, and judgement. He takes the mental energy of Air and uses it to uphold and rule the world with the keenness of his mind and the fource of his personality. Notice the resemblence to the Emperor. We can call the King the Emperor's representative int he real forld. While the trump embodies the archetype of order, law, society, the King of Swords maintains these principles in practice. In his best sense, the King of Swords evokes Justice and stands for social justice, laws, and above all a commitment to intellectual honesty, and the need to put knowledge into practice.
  • Centre (the present; inner person or 'being'): Two of Wands, reversed: Surprise, wonder, enchantment, trouble, fear. All these terms together suggest someone jumping into a new experience. When we leave behind safe situations and past success to enter the unknown, we liberate so much emotion and energy that we cannot avoid either the wonder and energy or the fear that goes along with it.
  • Crossing (how person acts or 'doing'): Page of Cups: A state or time in which contemplation and fantasy are very proper to a person. The imagination is its own justifications. Someone developing psychic abilities, either through an actual programme of study and/or meditation, or else such talents developing by themselves in a peaceful way.
  • Basis: Two of Swords: One method of handling problems or opposition is to push everything away beyond an emotional fence. In contrast to the Eight, the blindfold here shows not confusion but a deliberate closing of the eyes. The swords remain ready to strike anybody that comes close. When a person holds in emotions the breathing becomes shallower, the body becomes tight. Compare the Two of Swords to Justice, who carries one sword for a sharp mind, but wears no blindfold, preferring absolute honesty.
  • Influence passing away: Four of Wands: A domestic environment filled with Fire optimism, eagerness, and celebration. The irrepressible Wands energy ... will not be contained, and so we see people marching out ecstatically to the simplest of structures, trusting to the sun to burn off any clouds of trouble. Their spirit and courage carry them from a defensive situation to an open one. Optimism and love of freedom carry the people, together, out of their walled city before it becomes a Tower-like prison.
  • Possible outcome: Queen of Swords: Experiences of both sorrow and wisdom, and especially the connection between them. Having experienced pain, and having faced it with courage, acceptance, and honesty, she has found wisdom.
  • The near future: King of Cups: Cups symbolize the creative imagination, and to achieve success he has had to discipline and even suppress his dreams. Some commentators see the King as a person of troubled emotions, even anger and violence, who habitually suppresses these feelings even from himself, always maintaining a calm exterior. In some contexts, especially the arts, the King takes on a very different meaning. Because he is leader of his suit, he can symbolize success, achievement, mastery, and maturity in artistic work.
  • Self (what the person is contributing to the situation): Eight of Swords, reversed: Freedom begins when we throw off our blindfolds, when we see clearly how we have arrived in whatever situation we are in, what we have done, what others have done (particularly those who have bound us, but also others in similar situations), and what we can do about it now. The reversed Eight means, in general, liberation from some oppressive situation; primarily it refers to the first step of such liberation, this seeing things as clearly as possible.
  • Environment (influence of others): Wheel of Fortune, reversed: a struggle against events, usually doomed because the change has happened and life will always win against the personality that tries to oppose it. Alternatively, the wheel reversed can signify a more important change than simply a new set of circumstances. It can open the way to a new awareness of responsibility for your own life.
  • Hopes and fears: 7 of Swords, reversed: The isolation turns around to become communication, in particular seeking advice about what to do about one's problems. Valuable as the specific instructions can be, just as important is the person's readiness to listen and to seek help. The card can sometimes refer to the act of finding help, such as consulting a reader or therapist or simply friends.
  • Final outcome: The Moon: An excitement of the unconscious. Strange emotions, dreams, fears, even hallucinations. We find ourselves more intuitive, more psychic. Like the High Priestess the Moon indicates turning away from outer concerns and becoming introspective, a psychic awakening and the need to pay attention to it.

On Swords

In many ways, Swords are the most difficult suit. The very object, a weapon, signifies pain, anger, destruction, and it is mostly these experiences that the Swords image depict. Yet a sword can also symbolize cutting through illusions and complicated problems. We cannot begin our own quests for meaning and value in life until we have learned to recognize and accept the truth, whatever pain it brings.

One problem connected with Swords is that of 'ungrounded thought". The mind sees so many sides to a situation, so many possibilities, that understanding, let alone action, becomes impossible. Because our culture has always emphasized rationality, many people today see thinking in general as the cause of all life's problems. We do not overcome the problem of an element by banishing it or replacing it with something, but rather by combining it with other elements. The fact is, the more confused we are the more we need our minds, because nothing else can sort out the truth. We need also, however, to combine Air with Water - that is, emotion with receptivity.

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