Art is total freedom

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"What is blue? Blue is the invisible becoming visible ...
Blue has no dimensions. It exists outside the dimensions that are other colors....

Art is total freedom, it is life; as soon as there is any imprisonment in any way,
there is an affront to freedom, and life diminishes in proportion to the degree of imprisonment."

(Yves Klein, quoted in Yves Klein, p. 48)



Art and beauty mold time and space.
It's "now" when I write this, when you read this,
Whenever we think or dream of each other.
And no matter the distance,
We can share sensations as well.
Close your eyes.
Whose fingers do you feel brushing against you?
Asynchronous immediacy. Remote physicality.
Pinch me feel me kiss me hold me.

(to Katia, april-may, 2006)
(originally in Meditations on desire)

Definitions for anomaly include

  • something that deviates from the norm or from expectations
  • something strange and difficult to identify or classify
  • a deviation from the common rule
  • an irregularity that is difficult to explain using existing rules or theory

Theories, societies, and people have a hard time dealing with anomalies, and so the natural tendency is to make them fit existing norms [or expectations -- or alternatively to try to make them disappear. In many cases it's the anomalies that are the most interesting: the data points that show the limitations of a current theory, the interdisciplinary works that combine different viewpoints, the people with radically different outlooks on the world.

Anomalies are frequently to be intersection points in the network-of-networks. And anomalies tend to attract or discover other anomalies; so they're frequently hubs and linked to other hubs. Scott Page's book The Difference explores how groups with diverse cognitive "toolboxes" (techniques, perspectives and experiences) outperform individuals -- even experts. (A thread on Liminal States gives some examples.) Anomalies provide additional toolboxes to any group, and so as long as the group accepts them and everybody works to overcome communication gaps, contribute disproportionately to better results... and transformational change.

Don't fear the anomaly.

Worship her.

Seduction, Fantasy, and Reality

At least for me, seduction operates largely at the boundary between fantasy and reality.... What's especially exciting is when the fantasies starting in the seduction spill over to the rest of reality -- influencing, transforming ... revealing that the boundary between "fantasy" and "reality" (or "art" and "life") is much fuzzier than we usually consider it. I like that.

-- from Seducersworld, November 2005

A ring that looks like a present

(crystal, gemstone, glass)
pink, purple, turquoise
lavender nail polish
a bracelet
a choker
(and the sound as it clicks shut)
a ring
that looks like a present.

-- April, 2007, from Space of desire
revised October 2007

Our threads are the ashes of our art

 "We must create ourselves as a work of art" - Foucault

And on social networks, we do

 "... Foucault, it definitely starts with Foucault " - What kind of postmodernist are you!?

This site (especially the poems, stories, and meditations), like my other [online work, is a performative process of transformational self-creation.

"our threads are the ashes of our art"

-- me, after Yves Klein
to a collaborator on a shared work of art
January 2007

Many of the links from eluminatus are to threads and sequences of threads on social media that were originally collaborative performances. The static representation remains after the fact ... but like Yves Klein's paintings, it's only the aftermath of the art.


What rituals would make you happier?
What would you like to introduce to your life?
Introduce no more than one or two rituals at a time
and make sure they become habitual before you introduce new ones.
"Incremental change is better than ambitious failure.
Success feeds on itself."

New rituals may be difficult to initiate;
but over time, usually within as litle as thirty days
performing these rituals will become as natural as brushing your teeth.

(Tal Ben-Shahar, Happier, p. 9-10)

Sometimes / Every moment

Sometimes I realize
I've been there all along.
Sometimes I discover I'm there.
Sometimes I drift there more slowly ...

Infinite depth
Infinitely reflected
Transformed ...

April, 2007, from Space of desire

From Dzogchen Ponlop's Mind Beyond Death's discussion of the Dzogchen Buddhist tradition of the four great modes of liberation:

  • decide directly on one thing: this very moment of consciousness is self-liberation; these very experiences of emotions -- of suffering and happiness that are arising -- are the expression of our naked awareness
  • directly recognize our nature, the essential nature of our mind. Apart from this very experience of nowness, this very mind, there is nothing to be pointed out. We recognize that this is it.
  • gain conference in liberation: this very mind that we are experiencing now, in this present moment, is self-liberated

  • Primordial liberation: When a moment of passion arises in a vivid and sharp manner ... it is already free from concepts; therefore, it is primordially and utterly free.
  • Self-liberation: Like a snake that simply uncoils itself form its own not, passion returns to its natural state, already in the nature of transcendence. We cannot purify or transform passion except through passion itself.
  • Naked liberation occurs when the mind observes itself. When passion arises and we look at it nakedly and straightforwardly, the very process of looking liberates the experience of passion. That vibrant, radiant, quality shows us the actual insubstantial nature of mind.
  • Complete liberation occurs when passion is further liberated as mind observes the experience of passion again and again. In the first moment of the arising of passion, we look at it directly, and it liberates itself. In the second moment, we look directly again and it liberates itself further and further, or more completely.