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A list of interesting threads from Seducersworld, to accompany The women of Seducersworld. Note: At the end of 2007 ezboard upgraded the site to Yuku, their social network platform; Spamtar did a lot of hard work to salvage the discussions, but many of the links no longer work.

At least for me, seduction operates largely at the boundary between fantasy and reality.... Libby and I once speculated that one good general approach to seduction was helping somebody live out their fantasies (through or enabled by you, the seducer).

What's especially exciting is when the fantasies starting in the seduction spill over to the rest of reality -- influencing, transforming ... revealing that the boundary between "fantasy" and "reality" (or "art" and "life") is much fuzzier than we usually consider it. I like that.

-- me (as OccasionallyFlouncy), on Seducersworld, November 2005

The rest of the Seduction, fantasy, and reality thread from November 2005 went so well that I used the phrase as a title for an association on free-association. It's mostly me talking, with enthusiastic agreement from pip, blackmojopin, and Lola; good questions and other viewpoints from soren, DaughterOfBaal and Dr. Jackal; and a classic from Professional: "I'm not familiar with any virtuous cycle." It's got references to several other great threads, Foucault, Hakim Bey, Torbett's Developmental Action Inquiry. It's a good place to start.

Potion's Factor X thread from late 2005/early 2006 spotlighted the asymmetric gender distribution of Robert's examples; Robert defended his choices; people debated about the consequences. This thread works on many levels; it's a really clear snapshot of how difficult it is to discuss objective evidence of gender inequity, and has some interesting side discussions relating to essentialism and mirror neurons. There's a short follow-on from 2007 in Rethinking Factor X.

The New Moralizer from December 2005 features Professional at his most Brutish and ignorant, revealing his lack of understanding of the subject he wrote his thesis in, patronizing and disparaging me and D for our support for human rights, and much more. It really was pretty nasty. Elsewhere around this time, Professional dropped a hint that he was reading people's email (although backed off when I challenged him on it) and after Doc suspended him for other bad behavior accused Doc and Robert of being under my influence; off-board, Professional (or somebody using his email account and IP address) sent malware to other Seducersworld members. There was a lovely coda a few months later discussing my communication style here with some very helpful advice from one of The women of Seducersworld. The thread is no longer available on ezBoard; I'm not sure why.

Genesis' the muse spotlighted a seductive type overlooked in Art of Seduction -- and a seductive relationship far more complex than seducer/victim. Genesis started it in June 2006, and it quickly moved to a debate between me and Potion about non-monogamy. Genesis restarted it in March 2007 with a series of brilliant posts and some great discussion ensued before it got sidetracked and continued in the Commentary Room. It feels like the kind of thread that will come back to life at some point so from time to time I continue to post there; my two posts in mid-August 2007 are a preview of some of the ideas in There are many Muses.

In The tone around the board (August 2006) I tried to put my finger on just what the problems were. I really didn't have a name for what was wrong on Seducersworld, because I wasn't sure just what it was. (I had been thinking about how by defining the term "sexual harassment", Catherine MacKinnon and Andrea Dworkin gave a name to something that was previously inchoate and thus enabled discussion -- and empowerment.) So I used the intentionally-vague term "the tone around the board" to fill this role, hoping that the discussion would also lead to some more precise identification of potential problems. About half the people who posted agreed to at least some extent that there was a problem with the tone, and there was some agreement on some of the aspects although it was clear that there were several different things going on. There were significant differences across genders: no male-identified personas posted in this thread were willing to go on record as saying that they thought there was a problem. This was going on at the same time as the Alpha/beta and Amogging threads so things escalated into a nasty battle elsewhere with extreme nastiness from Professional directed against panther; Spamtar proposed a truce. I've gone back to this thread several times since and talked with people about it extensively; it never fails to astonish me that people can't see the gender inequity in the responses as evidence of an as-yet-unidentified but fundamental problem. The Making Seducersworld more welcoming to newcomers thread forked off from this did seem to lead to a change in attitude towards newcomers over the next six-to-eight months, and also contains a classic "I'm an elitist prick and proud rant" from Aurora Jade.

Society, Values, Culture Shock started in March 2007. It started off was some excellent discussion involving me, Potion, miss32, and others. As things got worse, I used this for self-referential documentation of examples on the board.

Spamtar set up The Commentary Room in early 2007 as a side area to help keep other threads on topic when disputes arose; a great idea, and it often worked extremely well. Read linearly it gives a snapshot of the kinds of disputes people were having. It was here that Aurora Jade in late July 2007 promised me that he'd take the fight to my doorstep, described himself as "absolutely unafraid of wet work" and "locked and loaded", and told me that I had crossed a line and that his memory was long. Nobody commented.

Well said! Best threads and quotes, started by me in August 2006, is a previous attempt at this list, started with the muse, and has a lot of great references -- as well as a classic example of Brutish behavior by Professional, unremarked on by anybody other than panther.


Others to add over time:

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