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Originally created for the Ad Astra (Analysis and Development of Awesome STRAtegies) project at Microsoft, 2006-2007. In my professional bio I say

Some of the social science approaches embodied in Ad Astra and the earlier Project Fabulous include asset-based thinking, narratology, cognitive diversity, intersectionality, standpoint theories and situated knowledges, oppression theory, action research, and hot pink beanbag chairs.

We grounded our work in strategic and cultural principles. Here's the strategic perspective:

  • Start with the consumer -- and put the user in control
  • Seek out the network of networks
  • Be agnostic whenever possible
  • Remember: the world’s not like Redmond
  • Create win/win, positively scaling, virtuous cycles
  • Maximize number of stakeholders
  • Share the wealth
  • Create teams of rivals
  • Leverage our assets
  • Consider strategic acts of generosity
  • Go for “two-fers”, “three-fers”, “more-fers”
  • Experiment while creating value
  • Look from the standpoint of marginalized groups


- "Strategic acts of generosity" originally proposed by Geoffrey Moore
- "two-fer, three-fer, more-fer" terminology by Max McKeown, July 2006
- "create teams of rivals" from Jon Pincus and Sarah Blankinship, with the name an homage to Doris Kearns Goedwin's book

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Originally titled "Ad Astra strategic principles"; terminology clarified after the discussion in Twitter *is* a strategy