A night out in the big city

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we were visiting ny a few years ago. i think i was there on business (don't remember the details). we decided to go out to La Nouvelle Justine, which is on 23rd st. we were wearing fetishy stuff, with me dressed as a boy -- a sub boy, naturally, but a boy nonetheless (i can't remember just why, probably didn't have time to get dressed right and i hate doing a bad job).

the place was done up as a dungeon, big bondage cross in the middle of the room. the waitstaff was all wearing fetish gear -- for us, an adorable boy in daipers. all the plates and silverwear were black. the food was actually quite good. there were some scene people there but also tourists. there was a large table of people who it seemed were probably some rather vanilla office group out for "a visit to the underground" or some such thing.

dominants and submissives of both genders were hanging around, and from time to time there was a scene on the bondage cross. these "services", if you will, were available to the diners as well; a little note on the menu, right below the signature dessert of chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce in a high heel shoe made of chocolate, mentioned that you should ask your server if you were interested in any "tempting delicacies".

as we were eating our appetizers we saw something involving hot wax and an extremely well-behaved slave who seemed like he was enjoying things a lot;

his Mistress was clearly proud of him.

since i too am well-trained, i asked my Mistress (because we were definitely in Mistress/slave mode that night) whether she would enjoy seeing one of the Dommes do something to me, or whether she'd enjoy playing with somebody else. unsurprisingly she got a big smile on her face and told me how much she'd enjoy seeing me perform for her benefit -- and warned me that she did not want to be embarrassed by my behavior. there was a blonde Domme in black leather, very tough looking in a feminine way; she was the obvious choice. we asked the server how to accomplish this, and she said, "you need to go up to the front and buy a voucher."

a voucher!?!?!

[presumably this must have something to do with new york city law to keep it from being prostitution or something. but i digress.]

okay; i get a voucher and in a couple of minutes the Domme comes over to our table and we have a brief three-way discussion of limits (no hot wax for me, sorry), preferences, goals for the scene, etc. she was obviously a pro, in the good sense of the word -- and clearly understood the theatrical elements as well. i think she could probably tell that we had some experience but we both look somewhat innocent (my Mistress in particular looks sweet and innocent even wearing a black pvc dress).

she put me in the cuffs on the cross and we discussed safe words (yellow/red). the first item on her agenda was nipple clamps, and she was somewhat surprised when she reached under my shirt to start tweaking my nipples to harden them up ... and discovered my nipple rings. it's always risky to surprise a Domme but she appeared to enjoy it and fairly dramatically "ripped open" my shirt [taking care not to actually rip anything, of course] to unveil them before putting the clamps on.

after me thanking her appropriately, she got out a whip and teased me with it for a while. she gave me a couple of light taps through my pants but it was clear where she was going. at some point she got there: to get better access to my oh-so-whippable rear, she dropped my pants -- which revealed the red silk and black lace panties underneath.

"you're full of surprises," she said, or something to that effect.

the vanilla group at the large table were shocked, or so my Mistress told me afterwards (i was somewhat into subspace at this point and so am hazy on the details). "does he really have panties on?" they asked her. it didn't seem like they were horrified or anything, but enquiring minds wanted to know. "did you know? does he wear them all the time?"

my Mistress just smiled.