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I'm usually pretty good at figuring out ways to do things -- but these aren't necessarily the best ways ... and in an environment as functionality-rich as MediaWiki's appears to be, it's worth thinking through other options. This page lists some design or implementation choices I've made that may have better alternatives.

Alternate names (synonyms, abbreviations, etc.)

There are several situations where there's consistent divergence between the text I want to apppear and the wiki link:

My first attempts to do this were to use "Piped links" -- e.g., [Obsessions Past and Present|INWO]. This not only resulted in a lot of typing, it makes things brittle -- if I move INWO to its own page, I have to update all the links.

I'm currently leaning towards doing this with a redirect: I created a page for INWO that redirects to the Obsessions page (and could even redirect to an anchor within that page if that becomes useful). This level of Indirection seems to make it easy for the referrer (the link is just 'INWO') and gives flexibility for later restructuring.

Hierarchical categories

All Category:Books are Category:Texts. Not all texts are books. Books are thus a subcategory of texts -- cool, but I want all the books to show up on in the Category:Texts listing.

Until [category flattening] is implemented, it seems like the best approach is to explicitly add both categories to each page for a book.

I'm currently using templates to implement this (see Template:Book) (indirection!... the downside is that Template:Book shows up in the Category:Books listing, but I can live with that.